Food-Themed Beauty Products That You Should Give to People Instead of Eating

PSA: Don't eat beauty products even though they smell really really delicious

I am happy to have Netflix as my only source of television for about 98% of the year. But when we get to the holiday season all I want to look at are the holiday cooking specials I watched when I saw fit to pay for cable.

Netflix has, what, Guy Fieri shows, a couple of cooking competitions, and a smattering of Good Eats episodes I’ve already seen. I just want to watch a young, confused Bobby Flay walk around Ireland in Bobby’s Ireland! Or the White House Christmas special and see life-size gingerbread people or something.

I don’t know why but the holiday season hits and I suddenly become a foodie. I do a lot of cooking and baking, I try to learn how to make new foods, I’ve even started watching those Tasty videos on Facebook.

I also, apparently, try to find you the best food related beauty items, because I’m sure you know at least one person on your list who would be absolutely tickled to get a perfume that smells like pizza.

The Essential Good Market Wine Bath Soak Pairing $15

Literally bathing in wine may sound like the world's best indulgence but it’s actually not good for your skin. It’s alcohol! It would dry out your skin something fierce. But, I’m all about having a bath with wine. So, instead of getting a cheesy wine glass sippy cup, or a suction cup wine glass holder for your favorite wineo, how about a nice bath soak to pair with a bottle of wine? The Essential Good Market has a few different bath soaks with scents designed to pair well with wine.

Tonymoly Wonder Honey Moisture Cream $18

Tonymoly is known for their adorable packaging. But, if you’re shopping for someone who wouldn’t necessarily be wooed by a peach hand cream in a jar that looks like a butt, they also have other foodie items like the Wonder Honey Moisture Cream. Sure, the packaging isn’t going to make you squee but the cream very well might. As a fan of honey in skincare this cream would be a welcome addition under my tree. Plus, you can use it on your face and body and it’s a whopping 320 ml. That’s a lot of product.

Demeter Chai Tea Fragrance $26

Demeter has a zillion food-scented fragrances. It’s seriously half their merchandise, if not more. So if you have a friend who is particularly fond of pizza, graham crackers, black pepper, or sushi you could give them their favorite food in scent form. I’ve already written about nearly every tea scented product on the market, if you’re shopping for a tea fanatic. Demeter’s Chai Tea has been my go to lately because it is just such a cozy scent.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Butter $21

Just like Demeter, The Body Shop has many food focused scents. Their body butters are my favorite in winter when my skin turns into actual scales and needs a big dose of hydration. The Fuji Green Tea line is a good soft scent if you’re shopping for someone and you don’t know what type of fragrance they like. They even have a tea for your bath!

Philosophy Magical Mint Hot Cocoa Set $23

Philosophy gift sets are always so cute. I’m not a big fan of their standard scents but I’m just a little bit obsessed with their seasonal Peppermint Stick. I’m not joking at all, I stock up when it’s available and use it all year long. This year they have a Magical Mint Hot Cocoa set that comes with both the Peppermint Stick scent and Hot Cocoa Flamenco. YUM.

Pizza Highlighter $25

Made my very own pepperoni pizza highlighter 🍕😂😂✨

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Remember when the world went wild for that pizza highlighter? Yeah, you can buy one. It’s not actually sold by Gina.Makeup on Instagram, who originally made it, which is a bummer. But it doesn’t look like she’s going to produce them. So in this case your best bet is to hit Etsy where there are a few different pizza highlighters available.

Beauty Bakerie So Icy Illuminator $36

For a sweeter highlighter choice, Beauty Bakerie recently launched their So Icy Illuminators. These guys are loose highlighter in what is essentially an ice cream container. The illuminators themselves give that glittery snow look (not trying to be cute, they really just do that) because there are different pigments all mixed together and some are shinier than others.

But they’re more famous for their Lip Whips. These guys. Do. Not. Budge. They most recently came out with the Salted Caramel Mocha Lip Whip for those of you who still haven’t gotten in on the brown lip trend.

Peter Thomas Roth Strawberry Scrub Fruit Enzyme Polisher $38

For your favorite strawberry fan try this Peter Thomas Roth Strawberry Scrub. Peter Thomas Roth knows a little somethin-somethin’ about exfoliating because every exfoliant I’ve tried from them gives me the freshest skin ever. I can’t use their masks or scrubs all that often on my baby sensitive face but for the body, I love ‘em.

Laura Mercier Honey Bath $45

I’ve been weirdly obsessed with the Laura Mercier Honey Bath for years. Seriously, years. The scents are really nice, my favorite is probably creme brulée, but fig is also up there. $45 is a lot for a bath product but you’d probably get, I don’t know, 15 baths out of it or something? Plus you get to drizzle it in with a honey stick and I don’t know why but that just tickles the hell out of me.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette $49

And finally, I couldn’t not include something from Too Faced. I feel like they are the only mainstream makeup brand that does well in the whole foodie-makeup arena. The Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is one of my favorites but the new Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette is promising too. The colors are super flattering (everyone looks good in peach) just keep it out of reach of baby humans because it is peach scented.

  • Are you into food-related holiday specials?
  • What is your favorite food you only have around the holidays? (Mine are buckeye cookies, by the way — my grandma always makes and sends me a tin)
  • Thoughts on food-themed makeup?