OPEN THREAD: Don't Call It a Comeback

I've been here for years. Sorta.
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April 24, 2015
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My first week back at xoVain has been pretty amazing. Working with some of my favorite veteran contributors, getting to know the newer ones, and just getting back into the swing of things—it feels good, y'all!

Not that I strayed too far. When I went freelance for the first time ever last June after more than a year as xoVain's beauty director, the xoJane team asked me to contribute over there a couple times a week and help manage a few of their sections as senior contributing editor. So when the last remaining member of xoVain's second-generation staff said her goodbyes last week, Emily and Jane asked me to come back and steer the ship for a while. I came to the office to catch up on everything and make the transition last Thursday; it was the ultimate #tbt.

My own return got me thinking about beauty products I wish would return—discontinued gems that never should've been nixed and definitely should make a comeback.

At the top of my list: Stardom Full Plump Lipstick by a brand called Awake, which, ironically, has been put to sleep.

This was, perhaps, the best-feeling lipstick I'd ever worn. It contained an ingredient called virgin shine oil, which is as conditioning as it is creepy-sounding. The texture was somewhere between a gloss and a traditional lipstick: light but buttery, and neither opaque nor sheer.

Specifically, I was obsessed with the shade Poppy Red. It was a muted but noticeable color that never looked too pink or orange—just a perfect light red. I bought three tubes at one time, and my last known wearing was sometime in 2009.

You were too beautiful for this world, Awake Stardom Full Plump Lipstick. Rest in peace and on eBay.

So, of course, in addition to whatever you'd like to talk about, I'd love to know:

  • What discontinued product would you love to see come back?
  • Has one of your favorite discontinued products actually been resurrected? ZOMBIE BEAUTY PRODUCT, AAAAAAAAA!!!
  • Also, hey, what's up? How ya been?