Read Any Good Beauty Books Lately?

And does that count as cheating on beauty websites?
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December 2, 2016
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One of the things I've always loved about xoVain is that the contributors and commenters are a pretty brainy bunch. (Brainy bunch. Brady Bunch. Aw, Florence Henderson.) For example, I am forever in awe of Rachel's enthusiasm for reading; if you ever need a book recommendation, hit that girl up on Twitter.

And if you ever need a beauty book recommendation, hell, ask any of us! If there's ever been a group that loves beauty and words equally, it's us, so of course we're collectors of books on various beauty topics.

We've written about a fair number of beauty books over the years, and I've even thrown a few into the "Best Beauty Sh!t We Got Last Week" column a few times. Some are analytical, some are historical, and some are instructional, like the most recent one I received: The Braid Book.

Sarah Hiscox and Willa Burton can call these styles fun and easy all they want, but braids will never be easy for me. Period. But that's not gonna stop me from reading through each style's instructions, probably several times. And then I'll go over to Sable or Caitlin's apartment and beg them to do one of the styles on me instead of attempting it myself.

Here's what some of the xoFolks said when I asked them:

Read any good beauty books lately?

Annie W.D.: "I'm getting Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes for Christmas and I'm well excited for it! Though it isn't so much beauty as sentimental English culture I think."

Hannah L.: "Not strictly a beauty book but Viper Wine by Hermione Eyre is a great book on the subject of beauty and cosmetic enhancement."

Beth: "Scent & Subversion or Perfumes: The A-Z Guide by Turin and Sanchez."

Colleen: "A friend/person I follow, Alyssa Harad, has a wonderful book about perfume fitting into your life (she's a fragrance obsessive too): Coming to My Senses: A Story of Perfume, Pleasure, and an Unlikely Bride."

Allison: "Last I read was Compacts and Cosmetics. It's a makeup history book! Very interesting and easy to read."


And how about you? Can you recommend a beauty book to us and each other? Have you read any of the above? If you wrote a beauty book, what would it specifically be about?