Failed Hairstyles, Rose Gold Polish, Plus COTW!

I actually ruined a top knot. WOW.
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February 7, 2015
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Have you ever tried something new, beauty-wise, and just utterly failed at it? After reading Morgan’s article about Edwardian top knots, I tried one IMMEDIATELY. But for some reason, I look very, shall we say, Duggar-esque. What am I doing wrong here?

Inspired by commenter “Heather,” I splashed out and got a metallic Essie polish. I snapped up PennyTalk and I am IN LOVE. It was worth all of the 850 pennies!

On to the Comments of The Week!1. We now know that breakups and makeups can affect your skin but “Charlotte Swasey” gets a gold star for her make-out tip and baguette bouquet.

"A thin layer of Aquaphor patted on your face/elsewhere after make-outs with a stubbly person does wonders. It also works to remove any lipstick (yours or theirs) from unwanted places. A girlfriend of mine once brought me a bouquet of baguettes to the opening night of a show I was in! It was the sweetest thing ever. I started crying a little bit, and then I was the weird person holding like 10 baguettes and sobbing. Worth it." --Charlotte Swasey

2. If you were excited about adding charcoal to your beauty regimen, remember to keep some on hand for sick days.

"Activated charcoal is good if you think you have food poisoning. Indigestion, not so much. I work with a naturopath and she pounded that into my head yesterday."--AureliaKai

3. If you needed more tips for using powder foundations on dry skin, “littlest lemon” has the BEST one.

"My Professional Opinion regarding powder foundations: USE A SETTING SPRAY. It melts the powder down so it isn't just sitting on the top layer of your face, gathering dust. Even if you have oily skin, use a setting spray! UD De-Slick is great for oily skin over powder. Smashbox's new primer water is great for dry skin. I'M SERIOUS ABOUT SETTING SPRAYS."--littlest lemon

4. I can’t deal with adjusting to having fake nails, but “suesizzle,” I totally get the sexy clicking noise!

"I had acrylics for over a year, took them off for a year, and got them again right around Christmas. GOD I LOVE FAKE NAILS. Like, my nails always look perfect. Nail polish never chips. I get to make sexy clicking noises on everything. Don't hate on me."--suesizzle

5. Whether or not you use anti-aging products is wholly up to you. “Lucia” has a really unique way of looking at it all.

"I went through an impressively bad bout of depression at sixteen, the likes of which I haven't seen since (knocks on ALL the wood), and I remember hearing my mother complain about her wrinkles at one point and thinking, I'm going to love my wrinkles when they show up. If I grow old enough to get wrinkles, it'll mean that I got through this and I won. Maybe a little bit melodramatic, but it's a thought that's stuck with me."--Lucia

  • Is there a hairstyle you have just failed at? I wanna see!
  • Is $8.50 too much for a nail polish? What’s the most you’ve spent?
  • Totally off-topic: Can we PLEASE talk about Abbi and Jeremy? Where my Broad City fans at?