Elle Fanning's Cropped Haircut Is Spectacular

Plus a sneak peek at Tom Ford's OOC new lipstick collection and other worthy beauty news.

Elle Fanning's New Cropped Haircut Is Amazing

I don't know about you guys, but as the new year approaches, I always find myself having BEAUTY TRANSFORMATION thoughts. Like, what is my look going to be in 2015? Elle Fanning's dramatic haircut is for a movie role (she's playing a transgender teen in the upcoming Three Generations), but whether it's for work or not, I'm always inspired when I see actors make massive changes like this. What's your take? [Popsugar]

It's The Balm, Y'all

What's your desert-island beauty product? If you hollered out "LIP BALM," you're not alone. According to a Marie Claire survey, 36 percent of people said they would need lip balm (along with sunscreen) to survive. How to explain balm's appeal? It's generally crazy cheap and lasts a long time. I have at least one in my work desk, bedside table, every medicine chest, and at the bottom of countless makeup bags. How many do you have? [Columbus Dispatch]

Amy Adams Looks...Different On The Cover Of Vogue

She looks amazing, don't get me wrong. But her eye color appears to have been tweaked, like, a lot. Compare this press shot of her from just last week:

I mean, I know she's starring in Big Eyes, the biopic about Margaret Keane, the painter responsible for those iconic big-eyed kid paintings in the 60s and 70s. But I'm not sure what that has to do with altering Adams' eye color, which is naturally very pretty.

Dear Robert Pattinson, What Is Happening To Your Hair?

So. This is going on right now in our world. It looks like, as my fellow editors at The Cut have observed, a landing strip. I have nothing else to add. You? [The Cut]

Do You Think Applying Makeup Is Therapeutic?

Carrie Underwood thinks so. She does both her own hair and makeup for her tours, and as she told In Style, "It’s quiet on my bus, and being able to put on my makeup and do my hair is almost therapeutic. I know that sounds kind of weird, but it really is!" Doesn't sound weird to me. Getting ready in the morning is one of the calmest times I have in my day, and I look forward to it. How about you guys? [In Style]

Tom Ford's New Mini Lipstick Collection Is Giving Us Life

Because there's something irresistible about a miniature beauty product, get ready to lose your minds about this new Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection, 50 mini versions of his signature lip color (36 are brand new shades; all are named for "a man past or present in Ford’s life"), that you can buy as a collection or separately. Available on tomford.com November 28. [WWD]