I Dyed My Ends Blonde, Plus COTW!

Ish just got real.
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October 18, 2014
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Like a speeding train, this week just whipped by. I started it with an impulse buy of L'Oreal's Feria Absolute Platinum. Nothing fixes the doldrums of boring hair quite like the roulette that is box coloring.

But the "improved" formula is not playing around: I rinsed after 20 minutes and my ends were WHITE. The only tragedy of the situation is my love for the toning conditioner included. Why do they never sell it separately?!

On to Comments of the Week!

  • Thirsty for a beehive but can’t find a hair rat in your particular shade of Simpson Blue? There’s a hack for that.

“Here is how I do my beehive: use a shower loofah/poofy thing, stuff it in pantyhose and pin it to my crown, then just wrap & pin my hair around it. I dye my hair weird colors all the time so I usually just grab whatever color shower poof matches my hair (pink, blue, etc.) and use sheer hose so if a bit of the bump accidentally shows it matches.”--"asabovesobelow"

“...There is something very wrong with the fact that we have to work to accept pieces of our culture while the mainstream can take them and label them the new thing so easily. And it's like throwing salt on the wound to see people of color excluded from the conversation, because if you are really appreciating something you can't omit its origins...”--"Erica Nicole"

  • "Fer" added to Rebecca's list of art and pop culture inspired makeup lines that don't exist but should, and I couldn't be crossing my fingers harder that the universe was listening.

“What I really wanted is an Arrested Development-based makeup line, whose lipstick colors are called Her?, Vodka Rocks, Pop-Pop in the Attic, Annyong, and of course, the reddest red of them all would be called Never Nude. Oh, and the blue-based eye palette would be called I Just Blue Myself. And I would buy them all. In multiples. PS: The orange lipstick would be called No Touching!”--"Fer"

"...These days I'm getting so frustrated with people who are ignorant and misogynist and stupid (or racist or homophobic or..).. Often I feel like they see me as the Crazy Feminist Lady (not that I'd care), when I feel like I'm merely talking common sense and calling people out on their s***. And it always starts with small stuff like this that too many people don't realise to be problematic."--"traces of light"

  • Kelly covered Instrumental Beauty’s new spa beauty tools at drugstore prices, and “originalrjc” said what we were all thinking.

“I'm now haunted by the idea that there's a part of my back that has never been properly cleaned or exfoliated.”--"originalrjc"


I’m going out tonight so I picked up a tube of Rimmel’s Scandal Eyes--and I don’t love it. Maybe I got a dud? It has the consistency of a dry Sharpie.

  • Has anyone else tried it and liked it? Or hated it? Or felt like they'd been Sharpie'd?
  • I’m going to a spook-themed storytelling event, btw. Know any good ghost stories? Share ‘em if you've got ‘em below!