Our 5 Best DIY Beauty Projects Of 2014

Or, the first annual xoVain DIY Awards!
Publish date:
December 31, 2014
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2014 was a busy year for xoVain. We grew and changed in many ways, but there was one constant: The beauty hacking never lost speed.

Y’all know that I am the unofficial DIY Professor Snape, Defense from the Dark Arts teacher here to save you from angry zits, sore muscles, and even hangovers. It is with this authority, bestowed upon me by the powers that be, that I award five lucky Vainers (including moi) with the first annual DIY awards.

Messiest DIY: The Bear Grylls Award

AKA, the time I made an eye brightening stick.

The stuff I make is pretty cool and works well, but damn if it isn't always a flipping mess to clean up. This is why I had to knight myself as Chief Anarchy Officer and accept The Bear Grylls Award for the messiest DIY writer on xoVain.

Not only does my eye brightening stick expect readers to strain coffee and tea from oil--no simple task--it's also a multi-step, multi-day operation. The mess/steps involved require pigmented liquid, gloves, workspace coverings, and a lot of patience. The payoff is real, though: this DIY saves me $90 to $120 dollars a year in under-eye makeup.

Simplest DIY: The Ryan Gosling Award

AKA, the time Trista made a seaweed mask.

As a mommy of a very adorable little dude, Trista needs to keep herself looking fly on the fly. And this super simple DIY seaweed mask is brilliant, if a bit traumatizing to toddlers. When I imagine new dad Ryan Gosling seeing his beautiful child's mother with her face covered in seaweed, he just says, "Hey, girl" and covers the kid's eyes, because he is the perfect man. Trista, you get The Ryan Gosling Award!

Seaweed and other sea vegetables are packed with nutrients including beta carotene and magnesium. Simply soak nori sheets in lukewarm water and pop them onto your visage.

Hippie-est DIY: The Taylor Swift Award

AKA, the time Ebony showed us how to make patchouli fragrances.

Like two pop giants awkwardly sharing a stage, some people love patchouli and some people hate it. The moral of the story? “Haters gonna Hate Hate Hate Hate, et al.” So Ebony wins a Taylor Swift Award for DIYing approachable patchouli oil blends for both sides of the debate.

If you haven’t smelled patchouli sans cannabis, that is your folly. When paired with foundational cedar wood and sweet mint, a complex aroma emerges that is nothing like a Grateful Dead show. Open your heart to patchouli. It is often ignored by traditional perfume buyers and hence provides you a shot at getting a unique signature scent.

Money-Saving DIY: The Han Solo Award

AKA, the time Sable made a multi-purpose color stick.

There's something special about cream color sticks. Having one in your purse is like having a Swiss army knife for makeup, cheeks, lips, and sometimes contouring. The sucky part is that they are almost never cheap. This DIY is a true money saver, letting you look like a princess for pennies.

This recipe and formula can be made in a wide variety of colors to give you a huge array of makeup on the super cheap. Make a highlighter, concealer, blush/lip color, whatever you want in the whole galaxy.

Most Useful DIY: The Ice Cube Award

AKA, the time Ali hacked a makeup eraser pen with a Crayola kit.

So many jokes are made about the connections between a beauty routine and punctuality. This original makeup eraser pen DIY by Ali can help you wrap it up that much faster, much to the delight of the people who wait for you to beautify.

This DIY can be expanded on in so many ways. You can make an acne treatment pen, a lip stain pen...thanks to the Crayola kit materials (picked up at Target), you have 12 chances to make something unique, portable, and customized. Truly epic.

I hope you had fun infusing, melting, whipping, and measuring out fun beauty projects with us in 2014. There will be much, MUCH more in 2015.

  • What was your favorite xoVain DIY of 2014?
  • Did you try any of these?
  • What DIYs do you want to see us try next year?