Let's Go Shopping for Men's Beauty Products with Demi Lovato and Bread Face

Plus, the singer of a famous Christmas song has something to smile about for the holidays.
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December 23, 2015
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Greetings from Lebanon, Pennsylvania! Today's beauty news comes to you from my boyfriend's parents' guest-room futon, off of which I will eventually drag myself in order to remedy what this drizzly, foggy weather has done to my hair.

But until then, let's bask in the warm, holiday glow of 0s and 1s, shall we?

Just buy the men's shaving cream

A couple weeks ago, I snapped this picture of two shaving-cream cans at the drugstore because gender precepts are hilarious(ly unfortunate).

While I was hung up on the whole pink-is-for-girls BS, it didn't even occur to me to check if the shaving cream "for women" was more expensive. A new study by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs saves me the trip back to check, though, as it shows women pay 13% more for personal-care products than men do.

And no, that doesn't mean we're buying more products; it means we're buying what are essentially the same exact products — shaving cream, razors, deodorant, hairspray, etc. — at a higher price when we select the items marketed toward women.

So, women make less money for the same work and pay more money for the same products. Cool. I'll just be over here summoning the ghost of Winifred Stanley on my ouija board.

Demi Lovato has sage advice for anyone who compares themselves to others

Demi Lovato is really growing on me. Aside from realizing only recently that this woman can seriously sing, I keep hearing about really amazing body-positive, self-esteem-boosting things she's said and done. Like, remember when her mic was on before she performed on the VMAs and it caught her telling herself "I am enough"? Chills. Yes, girl, you are — more than.

The latest example of Lovato being a damn fine role model is the wise words she recently said to InStyle during a preview of her upcoming NYC Color Cosmetics line:

The most powerful piece of advice I learned was that I had to stop comparing myself to other people; it's something just about every woman does. You know—is she prettier? Does she have a better body? Is she funnier? Whatever it is, there's always gonna be someone else, but you have to be excited about what you have because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you look like. It's just about what purpose you serve on Earth.

I am shaking the aforementioned futon with how hard I'm nodding right now.

All Shane MacGowan wanted for Christmas was his 22 front teeth — and he got them

Fun fact: The Pogues' 1987 ditty "Fairytale of New York" is the most-played Christmas song of the 21st century in the UK. But despite it being about the city I live in, I had never even heard it until last year.

You might have noticed that Pogues lead singer Shane MacGowan was missing some teeth in that video; in the decades since, he lost pretty much all his visible teeth from years of substance abuse.

But just in time to sing "Fairytale of New York" with the utmost enunciation this Christmas — and just in time for his 58th birthday, also on the 25th — MacGowan has received 22 brand-spankin'-new teeth at the urging of his longtime girlfriend.

The dental implant process, which required six surgeries in as many months, left him with a smile modeled after that of actor Michael Fassbender. Except for, you know, the gold tooth.

To help him handle the discomfort of the surgeries, MacGowan didn't turn to painkillers. Instead, he hired someone who specializes in pranic healing, which is believed by some to use a person's prana (Sanskrit for "life force") to manipulate the body's energy. It's believed by others to be utter flapdoodle, but MacGowan tells Daily Mail that it's "better than any drug he’s ever taken," so more power to him.

(Speaking of gold teeth, apparently Justin Bieber also got a gold tooth last week, too. Because why not?)

Here's some beauty advice from a woman who has a blog about smushing her face into bread

Bread Face (presumably the name her parents gave her) has more than 27,000 Instagram followers who eagerly look forward to her videos, all of which show her pushing her face into different types of bread.

That's all you really need to know. I mean, I'm sure you have questions, but really, that's about all the information required to digest the fact that this internet presence, which Bread Face summarizes as "giving the people something they didn't ask for," exists.

But Vice dug deeper into this hobbyist-turned-Instagram-celebrity's way of life, and they uncovered some interesting insights on skincare and makeup.

"Does putting your face on so much bread have an effect on your skin in any way?" writer Allison Elkin asked.

"Yes. It’s not good. Specifically, the seeded breads irritate my skin a lot, but I really enjoy the ritual of skincare, so I have a system down," Bread Face replied. That said, "I also really love the look of real skin—oils, irritated pores, discoloration, bumps, zits — it’s fascinatingly gross."

"What do you do with the bread after you put your face in it?" Elkin asked, revealing that she tried the ways of the Bread Face. "I found my lipstick got on mine, so I was quite hesitant to eat it after."

Bread Face, who clearly wears lipstick in many of her videos, replied, "I hear you — I’ll tear off the lipstick-ed part and eat it. Wasting food is a tsk-tsk!"

OK then!

  • Have you ever been tempted to mash your face into bread? Think there could be a skincare trend somewhere in this?
  • What's the most meaningful thing you've ever head a celebrity say about beauty?
  • Which "men's" personal-care products do you typically buy?