Show Me Your Date-Night Makeup, Plus COTW!

Come on, show me your date face!
Publish date:
January 31, 2015
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I’m going on a DATE! I’m going to wear actual pants--for the first time in months--and go see Brian Posehn. I usually go low-key for dates: Even if I do put on fun makeup I'll probably wipe it off on my way out the door. I don’t want to seem too frou-frou, right? What if he thinks I’m high-maintenance? Qué terrible!

But now that I’ve got the whole date thing on lock, I definitely like to try different looks. My current favorite (see below) is just black tightline (Wet n Wild Color Icon Liner) smoked out with Champagne shadow (Sleek Makeup).

On To Your Comments Of The Week!1. Now that we’ll all be wearing lavender oil when we ask for a raise (peep this new study), here’s some more priceless advice from “MoseyM.”

“I wonder if lavender smells wealthier than peppermint? When I was little I asked my mom why she dressed so nicely to meet with clients, and she explained that rich people only want to give their money to other rich people.* So she needed to seem rich. At the time I thought that was illogical, because poor people need the money more, but she said that's just the way it is and she was right. Sort of like how people are more likely to give, and give more, to a stranger in a suit asking for money rather than a shabby looking person. *best business advice ever, btw”--MoseyM

2. Dear “Cassie Sheffield": Where were you when I needed my brows done in in seventh grade?

"I am the resident brow plucker for my friends and family. We discovered the secret is for me to pluck their brows upside down. I sit on the couch with their head in my lap and pluck away. It's like the way artists do that draw upside down exercise to disassociate with the subject and just draw the shape. My BFF will straight up fall asleep during eyebrow plucking because I am a gentle eyebrow wizard.”--Cassie Sheffield

3. Rachel had some clever strategies on how to look better in your birthday suit, and “Aster” pointed out why we need to be more accepting of nudity.

“...People need to be more accepting of [nudity]. It doesn't have to be sexual. It's just bodies flapping around in their own special ways. P.S. perfume oil + cleavage = delicious scents all day long.”--Aster

4. Like Hannah, I can’t get enough of, shall we say, “ripe” smelling fragrances, but “Joana Broß” has a question for you Potter dorks. (And FYI for non-Potter dorks, Amortentia means love potion.)

“Now that I think about it again, this is something I like to 'play' with myself every now and then: you know Harry Potter, you know Amortentia, you've probably pondered more than once about what YOUR Amortentia would smell like. So tell me: What is it?” --Joana Broß

5. Just in case you’re ever skeptical of the observational skills of children...

“Right now I work with kids in an afterschool program. One day one of them (named Ebenezer, by the way) looked at me and said "You're tired every day, aren't you?" So perceptive, young Ebenezer...”--Lucia

  • How do you even find a good brow person, or a aesthetician/stylist, that you trust? Please, someone tell me.
  • What's your date-night look? Do you go all out, or play it casual?
  • You better post what your Amortentia would smell like! Mine would be chainsaw, trees, and sweat.