If Tyra's New Skincare Products Help Keep Your Skin Clear, You Won't Die from Popping a Zit

Also in this week's beauty news: MAC's Selena collection sold out suuuper-fast, and you can now get away with stealing your friends' makeup.
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October 5, 2016
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I have a day jam-packed with beauty events — just got back from a Paul Mitchell launch and I'm heading to L'Occitane's holiday preview shortly — so SCREW INTROS. Let's get right to the news!

Bidi bidi bummer: MAC Selena sold out almost immediately

How do you say "whoosh" in Spanish? Because that's the sound of MAC's Selena collection selling out on maccosmetics.com right after it went on sale. Check out the statement the brand posted on their official site:

Yeah, see that whole thing about it going on sale at other retailers' websites on the 3rd? Sold out there, too.

So if you still want something from the MAC Selena collection, a) I'm sorry about the disappointment you have faced over the last week or so, and b) you still have a chance when it hits brick-and-mortar MAC stores tomorrow (October 6th).

I am in possession of several items from the collection, and it's more responsibility than I think I can shoulder. I already gave Caitlin one of the lipsticks to give to her Selena-obsessed friend in London, and I know I definitely want to keep the other lipstick I received, but perhaps I should scatter the rest of the products in secret locations around New York City like a makeup angel.

There's a Danger Triangle on your face, and popping a zit there could kill you

You already know you're not supposed to pop or pick at your zits lest you increase the chances of a dark mark or acne scar. But you won't care about that scar if you're dead.

According to Dr. Vishal Madan, a dermatologist in the UK, blood vessels in the triangular zone reaching from between your eyes to the outer corners of your top lip — called the "Danger Triangle" by actual medical professionals — drain into your head, connecting directly to your brain. So if your zit-popping causes an infection, it could lead to paralysis, loss of vision, and loss of, you know, being alive.

Now, of course, the odds of your obituary having to say "died after she couldn't keep her damn hands off a nose pimple" are very slim, but it's still wise to refrain from popping and picking, if only to avoid hyperpigmentation and uneven texture. Because if sunscreen has taught us anything, vanity (preventing the signs of aging) is far more motivational than the threat of death (skin cancer).

Tyra hasn't aged, so that makes her a pretty good person to create skincare products

Something that's totally OK to use in your Danger Triangle (which — I'm sorry — sounds like similar terminology to "bathing suit area," doesn't it?): new skincare products by Tyra Banks.


When I don't like something, I change it.

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Apparently, now that Tyra isn't hosting America's Next Top Model anymore (she is executive producing, though), she has more time to develop beauty products to expand her Tyra Beauty line, about which she once literally sang to me over the phone. Previously just a makeup collection, Tyra Beauty now offers The Clean Machine, a foaming face wash with a scrubby head thing attached to the dispenser, the Makeover Your Skin Duo, which has a microdermabrasion "wand" and a hydrating serum, and Instant Gratification, a wash-off AHA face mask.

I'm especially interested in The Secret Weapon, the so-called wand in the Makeover Your Skin Duo. It actually appears to be a balm stick of some sort, with tiny exfoliating crystals embedded in it. I love shit like that.

Rimmel's new app lets you steal people's souls — I mean... makeup look. It lets you steal people's makeup look.

Let's say you notice your coworker is looking especially beautiful one day — that their makeup is really on point. (Do people still say "on point"?) A new smartphone app by Rimmel lets you "steal" their makeup look by snapping a picture of their face and instantly — and virtually, of course — transferring their makeup to yours. It's like face-swap technology, but without the horrifying results.

Even cooler: it recommends Rimmel products that can help achieve the look in real life.

Just out of curiosity, I tried to "steal" Dan's makeup, because he's not wearing any and I wanted to see if it would show me products that could create the good ol' natural Dan look.

Here's what Dan's "makeup" looks like on me.

Apparently, Dan's face naturally conveys a look that can be achieved with Moisture Renew Lipstick and Exaggerate Smoke n' Shine Eyeliner.

You can also steal the makeup look from photos — and presumably painted portraits! I'm going to Modigliani the hell out of my face!

  • Whose makeup look would you like to instantly steal?
  • Are you interested in Tyra's skincare products?
  • Did you try to buy a MAC Selena product?
  • Have you ever died trying to pop a zit? What's it like on other side?