I'm Spending My Fourth of July Weekend in the Bath, Plus COTW!

Let's talk summer weekend plans (beauty-related and otherwise).
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July 4, 2015
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My family is currently enjoying their annual beach vacation, but I'm at home working as usual, because their rented beach house does not have Internet access, nor does it allow dogs. My only two requirements! C'mon!

I'm a little sad that I don't get to spend the holiday weekend by the beach, especially after I went to all that trouble to find the perfect self-tanner. I don't even have a pool. What I do have, however, is access to a big bathtub while I pet-sit this weekend. It will have to do.

I'm currently rounding up all of my favorite bath products because I'm way too excited about this.

Normally, I only have access to a shower, which explains my huge collection of body scrubs and sad dearth of bath bombs and the like. It's probably not easy to use body scrubs in a bath, but I'm sure as hell gonna try.

Yeah, I'm a little addicted to body scrubs. Some of these smell so good I would eat them if I could. Doug definitely tried to during this photo shoot.

Now on to your Comments of the Week!

1. "Remy" has some good advice for foot softening:

For me, it feels like the socks end up absorbing all the oil/moisturizer when I do decide to pamper my feet... The most effective foot-softener I've done (for my lazy ass, anyway) is scrubbing the hell out of them with a pumice stone, slathering them with straight-up Vaseline, and covering them with plastic bags (and then putting socks on them to stay in place.) It's not very comfortable, but it works.

2. "Mapsandpeaches" knows how to make affordable summer beauty feel luxurious:

I buy the Thayer's rosewater toner and put it in a pretty blue glass spray bottle (both of which I purchase at Whole Foods)--it makes for an amazing refreshing mist for summertime!

3. Congrats to "loch ness manda" on the new job! Enjoy the new MAC makeup studio for those of us who can't. (Sincerely, someone who is suddenly very bitter about living in the sticks.)

i got a job offer in NYC today (yaaaay) and this was the first post i saw, just getting my hopes up about all the stuff i used to whine about not getting i'll finally be able to experience. FINALLY MY WORLD IS COMPLETE

4. "dearsister88" and I follow the same cat eye method:

I'm a big fan of the "I give up" method: you do one eye perfectly and then you screw up the second one and make it giant, so you go back to the first one, and then they are both giant and you're ten minutes late so you give up making them pointy.

  • What are your plans for this weekend, whether you're celebrating the Fourth of July or not?
  • What are your all-time favorite bath products?
  • Any tips for having an epic bath? This is seriously a once-a-year opportunity for me so I don't want to Britta it!