The Overpacking Woes of a Beauty Writer, Plus COTW!

Even my dog is judging me.
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May 2, 2015
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As soon as I'm done writing this, I'm heading off for a weekend trip to visit my sister. It's Kaila's 21st birthday, and, in the immortal words of Andrew W.K., we're going to party hard.

Here's not one but two goofy photos of me and my little sister, just to annoy her on her special day. I can't believe she's now taller than me and legally able to drink.

Anyway, I'm only going to be gone for a couple of nights but I've somehow managed to pack four over-stuffed makeup bags. That's not including my toiletries bag, skincare bag, and the big bag of unwanted products I'm bringing with me to give to my sister and her friends.

Even Doug is like, "Um, that's a bit much, don't you think?"

What can I say? I've just decided to embrace it. A girl needs options (especially when it comes to lip color, because I can be very fickle there). Plus it'll be fun to play makeup artist for my sister before we go out to celebrate.

Now it's time for Comments of the Week, and then I have to get back to sitting on my suitcase!

1. Thanks to "blondeblack" for all the brightening products info!

brightening products are my absolute favorite, as vitamin c can also help reduce fine lines. i found a magical gem on amazon that contains 20% vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, jojoba and some other random stuff ( that my skin just loves. and for $10 a bottle i can deal with. I'm on my second bottle so far. I also use this after my MB Glycolic Acid Toner (which really helps to reduce congestion on my face) and before applying MyChelle Dermaceuticles Deep Repair Cream (holla for peptides and komboucha!). My face is even, and my redness from breakouts takes days to reduce. Also helps keep my skin hydrated. brightening products are great if you can figure out which ones work well with you.

2. You are not the only one who makes their contour kit purchase decisions based on this logic, "maeby funke." I did the same thing!

I have to admit.. I bought my contour kit pretty much based on the fact that it makes my face SMELL LIKE CHOCOLATE. seriously. I only use the Too Faced Cocoa kit once or twice a week, but I am super happy with it!

3. I agree with "Chelle" that there should not be a tax on tampons (or any of these other items):

Oh my stars YES!!! The following things should be tax free and SUPER cheap: all menstrual products, pregger tests, maternity clothes, condoms and chocolate.

4. "kdandketchup" just gave me second thoughts about buying YSL Opium now that I know the weird ingredient in it:

I was expecting castoreum to be on this list, which to me is the grossest sounding ingredient. It is musk produced by glands in a beaver's butt, and it apparently smells like vanilla and leather. It's in YSL Opium, but it's also apparently not used too often any more because it's easily synthesized. (Which is also kind of funny, if you think about it. Probably a lot of people worked on developing, smelling, and comparing formulations of artificial beaver butt juice.)

Mmm, beaver butt juice.

On that note, I'm out! Enjoy your weekend everyone, and feel free to make yourself comfy in this comment section.

  • Are you a serial over-packer when it comes to beauty products?
  • Or do you somehow manage to keep things streamlined? (Tell me your ways!)
  • What did you do for your 21st birthday? Or whatever the equivalent is where you live--basically I just want to hear everyone's epic drinking/cringe-worthy hangover stories.