My Current HG Products (For Day And Night), Plus COTW

I built myself some extra counter space so here's how I've cluttered it up!
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April 25, 2015
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I recently built a simple two-level cubic shelf to go next to my bed. Now I have a bedside table, storage space for most of my books, and of course, another place to litter with beauty products.

On one side, I have my Conair light-up mirror and my favorite makeup products strewn around for easy access when getting ready to go out.

The gold Sonia Kashuk lip and eye palettes are gorgeous, and I'm really into my new Soap & Glory Gloss Sticks. I'm not 100% sure about the Olay Pro-X Age Repair Lotion yet; I thought it would make a good summer moisturizer (it has SPF 30) but sometimes it pills on my skin.

On the other side, next to my bed, I keep all of my lotions, oils, and moisturizers. This way there's no excuse to not moisturize before bed because it's so easily within reach.

I found that Montagne Jennesse Chocolate Masque at the grocery store and so far it's a lot of fun (and not drying or irritating for my sensitive skin, which is rare).

Now it's time for your Comments of the Week!

1. On the topic of beauty news, "eastofthesun" has me really excited about trying this new product:

No beauty news to report, except for something I already talked about in last week's open thread. Supergoop Defense Refresh setting mist SPF 50- a make-up setting mist that mattifies AND reapplies SPF without ruining makeup. SO AMAAAAAZING!!!!!

2. I completely agree with "dmZ" about miniature makeup vs. full size:

Dude, all makeup, except maybe foundation or BB cream, should come in mini sample sizes. There is just no way to go through most makeup in a timely fashion when they are full sizes. I guess if you have one lipstick and one mascara you'll get through it in a year or so.

3. I'm always looking for a good natural deodorant, so after I try Hannah's suggestion I might try this one from Israel suggested by "J. Brown":

Try Lavilin! It's natural and it works better than any other natural deodorant I've ever tried. Believe me, I've tried them all.

4. You can try these tips for makeup that looks good in photos, but if all else fails I really liked this perspective from "Mallory Baker":

I have the same problem. Once, when I was bemoaning how un-photogenic I am, my beautiful, wonderful, wise best friend told me, "Honey, you have a beauty that moves." I always tell myself that now when I see a terrible photo of myself; my beauty is one not easily stilled.

5. "lyz143" made me laugh with this anecdote about her chub rub solution:

I can very rarely say a product literally changed my life but Bodyglide is my most prized possession. My bf calls it my "butt deodorant," on account of the fact that he walked in on my once applying it and was so confused.

  • What do you keep on your bedside table?
  • Is your "getting ready" area also cluttered with too many products or you do you keep it very streamlined?
  • Interested in my experience with any of the products in the photos above? Ask away!