Insane Beauty Seen At Copenhagen Fashion Week A/W '15

Got foil? Wet dirt? How about a plastic bag? You're ready for autumn/winter 2015.

Before I started covering Copenhagen Fashion Week I thought it was just about clothes, but the hair and makeup is pretty serious. So serious, in fact, that you probably shouldn't try any of these looks at home. JK, do what you want! Draw outside the lines! I love it when you do that.

Here's some inspiration for your more daring beauty exploits.

Dirty Face At Maikel Tawadros I’d call this “Jodie Foster in Nell meets wood nymph.” It’s all about glowing skin…covered by dirt.

To try it at home, prep your face with your favorite foundation or BB cream, then go outside and get some dirt off the ground. Using your bare, unwashed hands, rub the dirt all over your face. Runway ready!

Aluminum Silver Hair By Jean//PhillipThis look is versatile because it can take you from the runway to a 1950s living room, where you can act as a television reception conductor.

I actually really dig this look, but it was insane to put on the models: silver flakes were painstakingly pasted into the hair and literally floated off during the show, which was beautiful, if a little tragic due to all that hard work. If you want to rock this look, don’t bother with the paste. Just gel up your hair and cover it with aluminum foil (and stay away from microwaves).

Hair All In Your Face And Eye Drama By Barbara I GonginiIf you’re going for mysterious, why not make it impossible to see your eyes and forehead? That’ll keep 'em guessing.

To get this look, simply brush the front of your hair forward, tease it up, pull it loosely across your face, and pin. Hairspray the whole thing to hell.

And if you do want to show your eyes, but still want people to be frightened of you, this kohl-meets-Jack Skellington look is a must-try.

A Bag Over Your Head By Han KjøbenhavnFor those days when you feel like nothing looks right, how about just putting a (non-plastic, please) bag over your head?

If you’re having trouble finding these specially-shaped mesh ones, try a white pillowcase or laundry bag! If you’re a real go-getter, you can put in your own mesh front. Otherwise, poking holes with a fork should work. Now, tuck that bag into your turtleneck and you’re good to go.

OK, so obviously we’re having a larf, but makeup and hair artists worked hard (well, except on #4) to adhere to their respective designer visions. It was really cool to see them go about their work and see the way in which the finished product added atmosphere to each runway show. I’m just glad I didn’t have to rinse that silver hair paste out of my own scalp.

  • Are you dying to try out these looks?
  • Have you seen any other weirdo-runway looks we should know about?
  • Tell us about looks from any fashion week this year that you’re wild about! Pics please!