So, Contouring with Tape Is a Thing Now

And we're impressed.
Publish date:
January 14, 2016
techniques, contouring

Every time we see a wild new contouring technique we're fairly certain it's going to be the last. Seriously, how many ways are there to achieve this look? Well, we've got a new one our hands, friends, and it's called tape contouring. While it's pretty odd-looking, there are vloggers who say it really, really works.

Seventeen alerted us to the trend and It appears as though we can trace it back to YouTube star Huda Kattan, who posted the following video of herself taking scotch tape to her face in an effort to create a contouring hack. Once she applies the sticky stuff to her face, she brushes on her bronzer, peels off the tape and, wah-lah, sharp lines that she can then blend.

Needless to say, we're impressed. Even if you're totally over the contouring trend, you have to admit — this is pretty darn creative and we're all about finding fun new techniques to incorporate into our own makeup routines. Guess we'll have to start adding scotch tape to our beauty bags.

This post originally appeared on Are You Ready For Tape Contouring?; Kelly Bryant