I'd Rather Ski Than Holiday Shop, Plus COTW!

I came back from holiday JUST in time for Thanksgiving--and a giant dump of snow (#winning)!

I’m not big on the holiday sales, though I’m also not above filling a cart to capacity and then closing the browser window. Cheap thrills, you know?

Another cheap thrill that I love--especially during holidays--is cross-country skiing. It’s so nice to get outside in the silent woods and just wander. It’s almost like meditation.

Alright dears, onward to the Comments of the Week!

1. Rachel's post on the most glamorous movie villains had us all talking about our favorite baddies. "Steelhannah" brought up a crowd fave that didn't make Rachel's list: Charlize Theron's Ravenna in Snow White and the Huntsman.

“The problem with Snow White and the Huntsman was the idea that Charlize Theron would be jealous of Kristen Stewart's beauty. Charlize was so glamorous and scary in that movie.”--"steelhannah"

2. Mari’s guide to glamorous grandma beauty featured actual darling grans--in the article and the comments.

My great grandma was always super glam. She wore beehives and gogo boots until she was at least 75 . . . She was also quite a lady. She loved beer and drank it out of huge glasses, had porcelain figurines of animals and sexy ladies all over her house, and was very serious about Ouija boards . . . One of my favorite memories of her was from when I was about 13 and she lived with my grandma (her daughter). One day my mom was mad at my grandma, so she put a grow brain (the kind you put in water and they expand) in her toilet. My mom expected my grandma to find it, but Gigi (my great grandma) found it instead and screamed at my grandma, "Dorothy! Come quick, somebody shit their brains out!" She was about 80 at the time. --"Rory"

3. xoJane writer Tynan hopped in Tammy's post on holiday imbibing with some solid advice.

“Foregoing the drinks that you wouldn't mind missing is SUCH a point. There have been so many times when I didn't necessarily want to stop drinking, but definitely didn't want to drink THAT, so I just called it quits and was more than happy with my decision both that night and the following morning.” --Tynan

4, It’s rare that a lipstick review compels me to actually buy something, but I’m now a proud owner of two Maybelline Creamy Mattes. Too bad I didn't chat with this commenter before purchasing!

“I actually made $2 buying [Maybelline Creamy Mattes] using my extreme couponing methods at CVS.” --"anne"

5. We mostly all talked about food and sales (because they DO go together) in this week’s Open Thread. And "Pantherella" made us all salivate.

“I'm a solid food enthusiast and love making non-bullshit noms for Thanksgiving. For my partner's family's dinner I'm doing a spicy whole cranberry sauce with jalapeno and Meyer lemon, and a caramelized fennel situation. I'm also starting a holiday booze project: homemade Fireball whiskey with Mexican cinnamon and habanero.” --"Pantherella"


I’m trying to get out and ski at least a few days a week, but I’m not leaving the cabin on purpose if it’s colder than -20° F. I’ve noticed that my face gets really red and blotchy if I’m outside for more than a few minutes when it’s that cold. Sometimes the blotches stick around for a day--almost like a light frostbite. In any case, I’m going to play it safe. The climate is not on my side.

  • Are you a couponer? Share your secrets with us!
  • Did you have a good turkey day? Or perhaps a turkey alternative?
  • Also, am I the only one that finds the whole "turkey pardoning" both confusing and creepy?
  • Do you go into a meditative mindset when you ski? What's your winter sport of choice? I also curl, but I’m pretty terrible at it.