I'm Kicking It In Hawaii, But I Still Have Your COTW!

Not even a Hawaiian vacay can distract me from your lovely insights.
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November 15, 2014
cotw, Shu Uemura, dark circles, workout, beauty inspiration, anxiety management

I’m just a few days into my holiday, and the jet lag is finally starting to wear off. What is it about flights that just take it out of you? I was prepared this time: I used a toning facial mist and face oil from Meow Meow Tweet, and I swear it did wonders to combat the ruddiness that my face usually takes on.

Stale air aside, I do love airports and flying; airports are wonderful in that once you’ve run the gauntlet of handing off bags, taking off your shoes, and maybe even a lackluster massage courtesy of the TSA, all that is expected of you is to keep your wallet with you and behave yourself. Your sole responsibilities are eating, trying fancy samples at duty-free, napping, and queuing up when you’re told. Bliss, I tell you.

Alright chickens, it’s Comments of the Week Time!

  1. Victoria’s article on finding a workout class that just FITS was super inspirational and motivating for lots of readers--it’s so cool the way we support each other!

“Thanks for writing this article. It really came at a perfect time. I just signed up for 10 barre classes but after looking at the yelp photos of the class (size zero women working out in bras and tiny little shorts; I am plus size and would look insane in that), I was ready to bail. Honestly, I still kind of want to bail but your article has me thinking it's better to just go because I could find something awesome like "The Class." Thanks for the motivation!"--"Kay"

2. I absolutely believe that beauty and grooming rituals can be lifesavers, and “Kes” pointed out they don’t always have to be lavish to help.

“Self-care is a huge part of my anxiety management. When I feel like I can't stand being in my own skin, bathing almost always helps. A relaxing bath is lovely, but even a hot shower works wonders. I also like doing at-home mini facials and putting a rich, heavy lotion on my hands and feet. I'm a compulsive picker so I have to find other tactile ways to self-soothe (and distract myself) that aren't destructive.”--"Kes"

3. Though I have mad love for cats, I can totally appreciate a differing opinion. "Beary Strange" wasn't feeling Shupette by Karl Lagerfeld and Shu Uemura, which Wendy reviewed.

“Unpopular opinion alert: I think it looks cheap all around (the product, not you, Wendy). The packaging looks like something you might find at a 99 cent store or an e.l.f. holiday palette. I also don't think the color selections are remotely on-trend or attractive picks. It looks like Barbie makeup--which I guess if that's your thing, woo-hoo, but it's not for me. I love me some cats (or really anything cute) but this misses the mark big time for me."--"Beary Strange"

4. I was really surprised that so many of you worry about dark circles! I’m with “Jovial” on this one.

“I call my deep purple under-eye circles my "Tim Burtons." I love my makeups but I'm just not about full coverage concealer. I dab a little lumi by Maybelline under my eyes to tone it down a bit, but I don't really care enough to do more than that.”--"Jovial"

5. I LOVED the comments on Kim Kardashian's lovely, shiny, probably Photoshopped rump, but “collier” brought us back to Earth. Err, or not.

“Completely irrelevant aside from being a "things on the Internet today" item: DUDE. We (humanity) landed a f--ing FLYING SCIENCE LAB on a COMET for the first time ever today. PRETTY RAD. The livestream stuff is over, but info and updates on their designated project blog: http://blogs.esa.int/rosetta/. And now I'm gonna go play with my new mascaras.” --"collier"

Holler at me in the comments! I’ll be driving around the Big Island looking for roadside barbecue (it’s always the best!) and keeping an eye out for locally-made beauty products to share with you when I get back! Spoiler alert: I have a considerable pile going already.

  • Do you have any holiday travel plans coming up?
  • Where do you wish you were going? What is your strategy on long car/train/bus/plane rides to combat blotchy skin or sausage ankles?
  • How adventurous are you when it comes to sampling local fare? I’ve been to Canada a dozen times but I’ve still never tried poutine!