Let's Take a Break from the Holidays for COTW!

Join me in discussing comments, your new beauty products, food comas, hangovers, pets in Christmas sweaters, etc.
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December 26, 2015
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How's everyone enjoying/surviving the holidays? By the time you're reading this (I write this a couple days ahead of time) I will be finished with the marathon of late-night present-wrapping, early-morning present-opening, and endless cooking and baking that comes with spending Christmas with a family of 10 people. The question is, will I still have my sanity? You'll have to pop down to the comments to find out if I've been reduced to babbling like a loon.

Speaking of comments, I read some great ones on the site this week. It's time for some recognition. Your reward (or gift, since it's the holidays after all) is Doug's and my Christmas card:

I'm actually way too lazy to send out Christmas cards, but if I DID, this picture would be the frontrunner. I'm just annoyed that Doug's not wearing his Christmas sweater, which suspiciously went missing (he probably ate it).

Now for the best Comments of the Week:

1. I didn't even know that winter solstice gifts were a thing but "kate" has me wanting to start a new family tradition:

Winter solstice princess right here! I didn't realize how weird my family's solstice traditions were until I got to college and tried to describe them. Some of us watch the sunrise because it's the latest one of the year. We also watch the sunset, wait for it to get completely dark, and then light up all the Christmas lights in the house and search for gifts that we hid for each other around the house. It's a cool day of reflection for me because it I can always remember where I was the year before!

2. "ssxsolstice" has a nice tip if you're into cheap multi-use beauty products:

I've been finding all sorts of uses for aloe gel lately, which is about $2 or $3 a bottle. I buy it primarily for my favorite moisturizing hair mask (SMT= 4 parts conditioner, 1 part honey, 1 part aloe), but I also use it as hair gel, and for soothing razor burn when I get a tad too shave-happy. My husband likes it because it's moisturizing without feeling greasy, and it's always good to have aloe on hand in the summer time for burns.

3. I really enjoyed the interesting conversation everyone had about beauty pageants this week, particularly this input from "Edith Spencer":

My family is from the Caribbean, so pageants are a mixed bag. On the one hand, winning a pageant for a smart, beautiful woman in the Caribbean is a great way to launch a career- the Caribbean facing countries are filled with doctors, lawyers, politicians and engineers who also competed in pageants. It's a way to get your name 'known'. On the other hand, it's sexist af, because we simply do not have the equivalent for men, and why should a woman depend on a pageant to get her name 'known'? And it also tend force women into a mold- very slim, long hair, very tall- when there are very lovely graceful women of all heights and weights.

4. "collier" has a compelling recommendation for a glowing foundation:

IME that Armani foundation does have a beautiful finish, but I found it gave VERY little coverage -- so maybe only an option if you already have pretty good/even skin? But! I recently got a sample of Guerlain Lingerie de Peau, and immediately ordered a whole bottle. Holy hell no wonder this stuff gets such rave reviews! Unlike everything else I've used for the last 5 years or so, it remains workable/blendable for a bit, and then it SETS, and it LASTS. The texture is silky and not too matte, it takes other makeup/concealer/powder/blush/etc well, smells glorious (perfumey, in case that's not your jam), and covers beautifully while still looking like skin. SO HAPPY.

5. Looking for a vampy lipstick? "Soraya Montenegro de Montalbán" has me needing this one:

Kat Von D's Vampira should be an honorable mention here. It is my favorite for looking flamboyantly goth as shit without crossing into straight brown or near black.

OK, I'm ready to take a break from stuffing my face to hang out in the comments and chat! Join me in talking about the following (or anything else you want):

  • How are the holidays treating you so far?
  • I'd love to see what everyone did for the holidays, hair and makeup-wise. Share a picture!