I Finally Tried Maybelline Baby Lips, Plus COTW!

Did you try out any new (or new to you) beauty products this week?
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December 6, 2014
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Lately I've been tucking into a pile of books I've been meaning to read for about a year. I read in waves: sometimes three months go by without me finishing a book, then I’ll read two in a week. I devoured Salt by Mark Kurlansky and The Secret Life of Lobsters by Trevor Corson (fascinating!), and now I've just started Amy Poelher’s Yes Please (finally!). But enough about how I read all the books.

Here Are Your Comments Of The Week!

1. Maybe you’re one of those unicorns that gets enough sleep, but I definitely needed the tricks in Kaleigh's post on faking yourself awake. “Yudie” shared a terrific tip in the comments.

"As an art college student who survives on five hours of sleep daily, I've found that a bold lip color is most effective in faking well rested. Purple, true red, magenta, berry and true orange are your best friends, and I'm talking about the really pigmented lipstick, not the tinted lip balm family. Of course, any color that isn't red also works: blue, green, black etc. It distracts people so much that they can barely notice any detail anywhere else on my face." --"Yudie"

2. Caitlin's article on "beauty as a duty" during WWII was beyond fascinating, and it reminded me of a time when things were...a bit different, as "MoseyM" pointed out.

“Something has gone horribly awry when your government tells you to use beef gravy as self-tanner. Thanks, this was a really interesting post."--"MoseyM"

3. Raise your hand if you immediately started doing side-planks after seeing Betina’s "ab fab" exercises! And thanks to "YardieChick2" for the fitness video rec.

"Bridges and squats are my favorite exercises. If anybody is looking for free effective workouts check out the FitnessBlender YouTube channel. Their workouts are fantastic!"--"YardieChick2"

5. Alle debuted a new haircut and proclaimed her hatred for face-framing layers. "Vintage Seltzer" is also aboard the no more Rachels (!) train.

“I just realized about two years ago how much face-framing layers were working against me. Now I specifically tell my hairdresser that I do not want them. Almost every time, they act a little shocked and ask my reasoning ("I don't like them") but I am a million times happier with my haircuts since I stopped having them cut in.”--"Vintage Seltzer"


Meanwhile, I’ve jumped on the Maybelline Baby Lips train, finally. They are super moisturizing and do a lovely job of hiding chapped bits. Though, I will say that the medicated version is not for me. Starting a few years ago, menthol in lip products began encouraging the vicious cycle of dry lips, and wonder of wonder, the moment I stopped using it, my lips stopped shedding like snakes. Too gross?

  • Are you reading anything good right now? Share! Yes Please is changing my life.
  • Did you try out any new (or new to you) beauty products this week?
  • Help me out: I’ve been wanting to get a sunrise alarm clock for YEARS to help with the horrific darkness where I live. Why are they so flipping expensive? Does anyone have one? Is it amazing?