What Was Your College Beauty Routine Like? Plus, COTW!

Or what is it like NOW if you're currently in school?
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January 16, 2016
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I'm spending the week with my sisters (and Doug, of course) in their cute little apartment in an equally cute, sleepy college town. They're both attending college here, and I noticed that my one sister in particular has a MUCH bigger beauty stash than I did when I was a college student. Seriously, I owned maybe five makeup products, max — and no skincare products at all.

Like most college students, my sister's on a budget. Most of her stash is made up of drugstore beauty brands: Maybelline, e.l.f., Revlon, Rimmel, Burt's Bees... She also has a crazy collection of Victoria's Secret fragrances and lotions that's been going on since high school.

It's fun looking at my little sister's vanity and seeing items I recommended: my favorite drugstore mascara (Maybelline Full 'n' Soft), my favorite concealer (NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer), my favorite drugstore primer (Maybelline Master Prime), and pretty much every e.l.f. product and every drugstore lipstick ever. It makes me wish I'd had an older sister to help guide me in the world of beauty when I was in college. Alas.

Now let's take a look at the best Comments of the Week!

1. "blondeblack" has a wonderful view of gender roles in beauty:

As a mother of a son I think it's terribly important to not label things as girly or "that's for girls". Gender roles are so inflamed in this country is ridiculous. If my kid asks for a doll I'll give it to him. I've painted his nails previously because he likes the color. He shouldn't (or anyone for that matter) be ashamed to like things just because it's not a gender norm. All of the credit for Ethan and his family on being compassionate and caring to their sons interests. There should be more parents like that in the world.

2. Everyone had a lot of feelings over losing David Bowie, but I especially liked what "Amanda Kay" had to say:

David Bowie came to me at the tender age of 13 and pretty much set me on a path to embracing whatever weirdness was happening inside of me. David Bowie was the first time I'd even heard that there was such a thing as being bisexual. I will always love him.

3. "EmC" got everyone so excited about this NYX Cosmetics news that I had to feature it here:

HEY HEY HEY if anyone else lives in the Northern VA/DC/MD area, there is a **NYX STORE** opening this March at Tysons Corner Mall. I almost peed myself when I saw the store under construction. A FREAKING NYX STORE. /end of freakout

4. We discussed budget beauty products this week and "Charlie" had a good recommendation:

I'm obsessed with the wet n wild kohl eyeliners. They're no joke 99¢, longer than any other eyeliners I own, and so waterproof they lasted me through a Taylor swift concert in DC in July aka 100% humidity plus sobbing. I love them

5. We were also talking about what beauty products we'd buy if we won the Powerball, and "LeaningLeaning" had the best response:

I'm kind of convinced that with a billion, I might be able to save the world or make a start of it. Beauty would have to take a back seat....except for perfume. Matriarchs need to smell of power.

  • What was/is your college beauty routine like? Mostly drugstore products, drugstore mixed with high-end, or totally nonexistent?
  • What's your biggest beauty regret from that age period? (Mine is giving myself bangs, followed by the ugliest bob ever.)
  • I'm gonna post my dorky college pictures in the comments; feel free to do the same!