Hotter Weather Completely Changed My Mind About This Fragrance, Plus COTW!

Has this ever happened to you?
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May 30, 2015
cotw, summer fragrances

If you've read any of my fragrance articles on xoVain (this sandalwood round-up and my Black Orchid review come to mind), you might have noticed that I have an obsession with heavy, musky, sensual fragrances. I usually continue to wear them in the summer because I still like what I like, even when the seasons change, and also because I can never find a light, traditionally feminine scent that I really love.

Take this CLEAN Air fragrance for example. When I first tried it a few months ago, I immediately declared it not for me and handed it off to my sister.

She left it sitting in my room, though; and the other day, I happened to read the list of notes again while I was browsing Sephora: Mountain Air Accord, Bergamot Blossoms, Lush Green Accord, Sparkling Freesia, Powdered Aldehydes, Dewy Peony, Enveloping Musk, Cashmere Woods, White Amber.

It was the base notes that caught my eye and made me decide to try again. Suddenly, I really liked how it smelled on me. I've been wearing it for two days and keep catching whiffs of it, but it doesn't give me a slight headache like some of my heavier fragrances do after a while.

Turns out that once it gets hotter than 80 degrees, I actually do want a light, clean scent. Now I'm questioning everything I thought I knew about myself.

While I do that, pat yourselves on the back for your amazing Comments of the Week!

1. "Geist" has an amazing tip for blemish spot treatments:

tea tree oil and burt's bees baby bee diaper ointment -- my holy grail. the zinc (in really high concentration in the diaper ointment, but without other potentially comedogenic additives like you'd find in sunscreens) reduces inflammation & redness, promotes skin healing, and can help balance oil production, while the tea tree is, obviously, antibacterial, etc. one tube of that burt's bees stuff has lasted me actual years. sometimes if i'm breaking out on my shoulders or something, i'll also mix some of it in with my normal lotion, and it really speeds up the healing process.

2. This, along with all the other comments, is exactly why I don't get mani-pedis (and I'm sorry for laughing so hard about your bad experience, "Layla"):

I haven't been for a pedi since I accidentally booted a poor woman in the face when she (accidentally) tickled my feet. The burning shame.

3. "SonjaFaithLund" has a good hair product recommendation for curly hair:

I use Garnier Fructis spray gel. It dries crunchy, but then all you do is "scrunch out the crunch" and that goes away, leaving you with soft curls that will hold their shape for days (if you treat them right). ETA: I've found that what works best for me is using a leave-in and oil, then splashing water back into my hair and spraying in the gel. The added moisture really helps my hair.

4. You have to check out Trista's septoplasty article and the top up-voted comment (that's too long to put here) if you're into being extremely grossed out, and in the meantime I'll just put Louise's witty remark here:

Glut of Mucus is the name of my heavy metal band.

5. If you're looking for a good eyeliner that stays put, I can second this recommendation from "agirlcalledrob":

Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners, all the way. I'm a total greaseball of a human and they stay on really really well, plus the colours are gorgeous!

  • What's your favorite light, summery scent (if that's your kind of thing)?
  • Have you tried CLEAN Air or any of the other CLEAN fragrances?
  • Have you ever changed your mind completely about a fragrance? What prompted the change of heart--the weather, time, or something else?