Happy Birthday to One Famous Beauty and Happy Glitter-Butt Day to Another

Allow me to explain...
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December 20, 2015
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Hello, my beauties! Did you know I really and truly adore you?

I am FULL of Christmas spirit. In fact, I am currently blasting Christmas jams as I write this with my pink trees (a gift to my old employer from Juicy Couture in 2002) all alight. It’s so magical! I haven’t even had coffee yet!

So let’s take advantage of my positive vibes and get to readin’ the news, OK?

This woman's biggest beauty inspiration is obviously Elsa

Can someone tell me what the deal is with Frozen? It came out literal years ago and we’re still talking about Anna and Elsa and Olaf and idk, Klaus? Is that a person? I watched the movie and pretty much hated it. Give me Ariel and Belle instead of doormat Anna and Elsa, who handles emotions like my ex-boyfriend.

Anyway, a Brazilian veterinarian named Andressa Damiani was teased as a child for her doll-like features: big eyes and teeny lips. She doesn’t look like she’s had work done like the Human Barbie or Human Ken, and from her photos, it looks as though Damiani is just really enthusiastic about the world of doll-people. (I watched a My Strange Addiction about it once.)

Damiani wasn’t content with mimicking Barbie — oh no. Now she’s moved on to Elsa, because of course she has. People compared her to the Ice Queen, and she rolled with it, dressing up in Elsa’s trademark teal ensemble.

"Looking like a human doll has helped my self-esteem," she explained. "Feeling pretty and confident is important and not as futile as some may think. I feel pretty this way."

Say goodbye to tanning for prom, teens

When my friends and I were in high school, we’d leave early to go tanning. One of my besties even had a (neon green) tanning bed in her house, and we’d take turns blasting ourselves with UV rays while listening to the Dixie Chicks on her CD player.

I continued my fake-bake habit throughout college. If we’re being honest, the last time I tanned in a bed was last winter. Sometimes it’s the only thing that makes a Minnesota winter bearable. I know it’s bad. Even now when I’m freezing, I think about basking in the glow blaring Britney’s Blackout album and I get zen, but you’ll be happy to know I’ve replaced tanning beds with a really good spray tan spot in MPLS.

Teens today are probably smarter about tanning beds than we were; in the early aughts, we didn’t really know quite how bad beds can be for your skin and safety. The FDA is proposing steps to ban tanning beds for minors entirely. (Did you know Australia and Brazil totally banned tanning beds for everyone? I suppose they have year-round sun, but still, that’s a huge deal!)

According to Allure, the new system would ban tanning for those under 18, and adults would need to sign a waiver proving that they understand the risks associated with prolonged exposure.

Melanoma rates are on the rise; read Allure’s investigative piece about tanning beds on campuses and you’ll see why. Tanning is still popular with young people, regardless of the consequences, so perhaps this possible ban will change things.

Happy b-day Xtina — here's to many more years of standout beauty looks

Christina Aguilera turned 35 this week, which is insane to me as I remember buying her first album in 1999. Glamour’s beauty offshoot, Lipstick, rounded up some of Christina’s most memorable beauty looks, although they’re missing the “Dirrty” era white hair with black streaks that I secretly love.

Christina has never tried to be safe and classic on the red carpet; she’s always doing something a little bit crazy. Sometimes it works, though most of the time I’m kind of like, “Girl, what? Who did this to you?”

Regardless, Xtina is a pop icon whose over-the-top red carpet looks won’t be easily forgotten. Remember her “Lady Marmalade” look? Or the pink dress with feathers from the VMAs? ~*Icon.*~

Khloé tries her hand at breaking the internet

Apparently, the Kardashian’s amazing and talented queen of a makeup artist, Joyce Bonelli, was literally “blowing glitter up my a**,” says Khloé of her recent nude shoot. Khlo hasn’t been shy about her gym time and its impact on her body, peace of mind, and self-esteem; in her book, she talks about how after her divorce, going to the gym was the only way she could get away from her own life for a while.

On Khlo’s birthday in St. Barths, she and a few friends did a (tipsy) impromptu nude shoot, and while it’s quite different than Kim’s Paper shoot from last year, it’s getting a lot of attention. Khloé says she got modeling help from supermodel sis Kendall.

A glitter butt sounds kind of uncomfortable, though. As any former cheerleader knows, glitter stays on your skin FOREVER.

  • Are you in the holiday swing yet, or do you need a little coaxing? What’s your favorite Xmas song?
  • Did you go tanning when you were in high school, and if so, which sticker did you choose to track your tan? I always did the heart.
  • What do you think about Frozen? Can you explain the appeal of “Let it Go” to me?
  • What’s your favorite Xtina look?