Beauty Roundup: Celebs Use Twitter To Speak Out On Nude Photo Hack

The Hollywood community's social media response to stolen, leaked images of Jennifer Lawrence and other stars leads this week's top links.

· "Do not forget that the person who stole these pictures and leaked them is not a hacker: they're a sex offender," Lena Dunham tweeted in response to this weekend's celebrity nude photo hack, which leaked illegally obtained images of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, among others. Stars like Seth Rogen, Emma Watson, and Anna Kendrick also tweeted about the leak. [HuffPost]

· It’s New York Fashion Week! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to go behind the scenes as I run around the city capturing spring 2015's best beauty trends. Pray for my feet, y'all.

· If you thought you'd seen all of the makeup brush cleaning tools out there, think again. An updated version of the 2X Spa Brush Cleaning Glove promises to change the way you clean your brushes for the better. Don’t let the oven mitt design scare you away from greatness. [Allure]

· To celebrate her 15th anniversary, Deborah Lippmann shared 15 fun facts about herself. Some good ones: she moved to New York to become a singer; Cher was her first celebrity client; and, as far as she's concerned, Fashion Week sucks for manicurists. [Fashionista]

· If you have a serious headache, killer menstrual cramps, or sinus issues while at work, try these 10 acupressure cures that can be done at your desk. [TotalBeauty]

· You can create some serious DIY skin care with essential oils, but this article recommends them for your feet, your closet, your armpits, and more... [Byrdie]

· If you've ever drooled over a Kardashian's hair, drool no longer. You can try your hand at attaining Kardashian hair next spring, when the sisters release their Kardashian Beauty Hair Care Line, featuring three hair tools and seven styling products. [HollywoodLife]