OPEN THREAD: Cartoonishly Beautiful

Talk about unattainable beauty standards...
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November 27, 2015
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Kids who saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit in the theater when it was released in 1988 fall into two camps: those who loved it, and those who were traumatized by it. I'm a member of the latter.

For some, it's the death of an anthropomorphized cartoon shoe that haunts them; for me and others, it's Judge Doom's revelation and demise that has prevented us from watching the movie ever again. Seriously, I refuse. Even gifs of that scene freak me out, even though I can't hear his creepy voice.

Despite a strong aversion to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the very grown-up gorgeousness of Jessica Rabbit wasn't lost on little me. The long, red hair, pouty lips, bedroom eyes, and a waist-to-bust ratio that makes Barbie's body seem like an achievable goal—I'd barely started choosing human women with uncommonly beautiful, unattainable features to wish to look like yet, but nine-year-old me was like, "Yep, I wanna look like that when I grow up."

Actually, looking like Jessica Rabbit is possible—but it takes even an already impossibly attractive supermodel months of preparation, 10 hours of makeup and prosthetic curves, and a team of professionals to make it happen, as Heidi Klum proved last month on Halloween.

I definitely had other, more age-appropriate cartoon beauty icons, like Snow White, Josie (of The Pussycats), Ariel (aka The Little Mermaid), and those adorable centaur ladies from Fantasia. Who didn't want to experience their beauty routine?!

I asked my fellow xoVainers (including some you haven't heard from in a while!) who their cartoon beauty icons were, and here's what they told me.


"Aurora from Sleeping Beauty! I LOVED her hair and her dancing and her singing. I grew up playing in the woods and I always had a fondness for the birds and the bugs. Sometimes I would imagine my Prince Charming finding me out there while I was hopping across little creeks or pushing my way through the thorns."


"I must have REALLY wanted to be a redhead as a kid because my beauty icons were Ariel and Kim Possible."


"Jane from Daria! What is that fierce wine lip? (By the way, I've been rocking a similar color by Kat Von D called Mercy). Look at all the cool hardware in your ears, girl. What a badass! Alas, I always try short hairstyles and always fail."


"All the outer planet characters from Sailor Moon. I love them all equally."


"Definitely Belle, even though she looks nothing like me. And I always thought Perdita the dalmatian was beautiful even though she was, well, a dog. I had a bunch of Perdita stuffed animals. OH! I forgot Bianca from The Rescuers and Duchess from Aristocats, aka all Disney animals voiced by Eva Gabor."


"My forever cartoon beauty inspo was Rogue from X-Men. She was crazy-sexy but also (superhumanly) strong. I still hope I get a gray streak in my hair because of her."


"Probably Daphne from Scooby Doo. And can I get a shoutout for Jeanette Chipette?"


"I always wanted to look like Princess Jasmine. Honestly, the main reason was because I didn't have a lot of cartoon options with my skin color or close to it, but also because she had the best hair."


"Braceface! I struggled through beauty issues (including braces) with her in my pre-teens."


"The Ashleys from Recess. I wasn't a fan of their personalities or attitudes, but I liked their polished style. SCANDALOUS!"


"The poodle from Oliver & Company. She was glam as all get out and didn't give a F."


"Debbie Thornberry. She's me except blonde."


"If I had to choose one, I'd probably pick Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. The tousled hair, the brows, the lipstick—but most of all, it was her sarcasm and badassery that captivated kid me. Plus, she's probably the reason why I've always wanted green eyes."


"I thought Charlotte was so pretty."

OK, you guys—fill up the Open Thread comments with the cartoon characters whose beauty you admired! And, as always, talk about any beauty topics that are on your mind this weekend.