There's a New Naked Palette, but Caitlyn Jenner Didn't Use it in Her Vanity Fair Photos

And January Jones didn't use ANY makeup in the selfie she just posted.

It was inevitable: as soon as Caitlyn Jenner's revelatory Vanity Fair cover and accompanying story and photo spread hit stands—and the internet—the PR emails came pouring in, offering tips on how to get her glamorous look, and even plastic-surgeon commentary.

Of course, a whopping total of none of the brands behind these emails were the ones actually involved in the photo shoot (or what Caitlyn has "gotten done," for that matter, which is really only for Caitlyn to talk about, don't you think?).

"I saw LOTS of rando lingerie brands on Instagram yesterday claiming she was wearing their stuff. Makeup and hair, too," Rachel said in response to a lingerie-brand email we'd gotten. "So tacky."

But now, we do know exactly what went into the makeup and hair (and nail) portion of the prep because...

Caitlyn Jenner's makeup artist, hairstylist and manicurist have revealed what products they used for the Vanity Fair shoot.

Hair overlord Oribe told Vanity Fair’s beauty director, SunHee Grinnell, that he wanted a Cindy Crawford-esque look for Caitlyn, so he used a bunch of his own products, of course. Same goes for Deborah Lippmann, who relied on her own hand-care and Nail Color for Caitlyn's manicure.

Makeup artist Mark Carrasquillo doesn't have his own line, though, so he used skincare and makeup products from a range of luxury brands like SK-II, La Mer, Clarins, Tom Ford, and Estée Lauder. And that fabulous lip color in the Annie Leibovitz shot above? NARS Jungle Red.

Urban Decay is introducing the Naked Smoky palette, teaching makeup fanatics how to spell smoky once and for all.

Love Urban Decay's Naked palettes but have tetraphobia? (That's fear of the number four.) No worries! After Naked, Naked 2 and Naked 3 comes Naked Smoky, the latest in the iconic, pants-poopingly anticipated eyeshadow collection, available in July.

"Naked 1 was a bit more bronze-y, Naked 2 was more taupe-y, and Naked 3 was warm and rosy neutrals," Urban Decay's Wende Zomnir told Refinery29. "[With] Naked Smoky, you have a range of neutrals — your basic matte shades, and then a mini collection of bronze, a mini collection of taupe, a mini collection of grays and blacks, and then this one eggplant. It's a variety of color families you can dip into."

And seriously, y'all. It's smoky. Smokey is a vigilant bear or a Robinson, not an eye.

Clinique is teaming up with TED to find brilliant ways to improve women's lives.

Want $20,000? Me, too, but at the moment, I don't have a fully developed idea that could improve life for women around the world. That's what Clinique is looking to reward in a contest associated with TED, the folks behind the inspiring talks people are always posting to your Facebook feed.

And no, they're not looking for beauty ideas. At least, not necessarily.

You could be the person that ends up at TEDWomen 2016 with a bunch of money you didn't previously have; so if, unlike me, you've got an awesome lady-life-bettering idea, make it happen, cap'n. [Elle]

Birchbox is falling into the Gap this summer.

Remember how Birchbox opened an IRL store in New York City, and everyone else was like, "Hey, not fair"? Acclaimed retail diplomat Gap is sort of resolving that unfairness.

Gap flagships in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston will be host to Birchbox pop-ups starting later this week, through July. Oh, and New York is getting at least one Birchbox-at-Gap, too. Because we're New York; we get everything. Except yogurt. I swear, we get the latest yogurt two years after it's launched. [Lipstick]

January Jones wins the 2015 Humblebragging Championship, which is a contest I just made up.

Gosh, don't you just hate it when you wake up with a $40,000 necklace poking you in the throat? And what's a 17-year-old doing wearing such an expensive neckla—oh! You're 37? And this is how you emerge from slumber after CFDA parties?

How nice for you.

In all seriousness, though, I can't even hate on this. She might have forgotten to take off her "jewels," but she remembered to wash her face before going to bed. Way to stick to a healthy skincare routine, JJ. [Bustle]

  • Did you wash your makeup off last night?
  • Are you planning to buy the Naked Smoky palette?
  • Can I please look like Caitlyn Jenner when I'm 65?