Why Contour Your Face with Fast Food When You Could Just Get a Burrito Tattoo Under Your Cheekbone?

Plus, '00s beauty trends are already coming back.
Publish date:
June 5, 2016

I'm writing this from my summertime garage sale, although business has been quite slow as of press time. My friend's boyfriend is the only one who has sold anything thus far: a bag of screws and some adhesive, bringing our grand total sales to 50 cents. If you guys were here, you could peruse my castoff clothes and shoes, and it would be awesome! Cross your fingers that I make at least $20.

Anyway, because I'm technically "working," this weekend's beauty news is gonna be short and sweet. Or ... short and savory?

Yes, you CAN contour with burritos

We've already seen makeup artist Skelotim create makeup looks using his favorite snacks, but now he's taking his love of junk food to a whole 'nother level with a contouring video using burritos for sculpting and french fries for drawing the perfect cat eye. The thought of putting all that greasy food near my face makes me feel kind of nauseous (or maybe that's all the bubbles I drank last night.) Aren't Taco Bell burritos kinda floppy? French fries aren't exactly straight, either.

Skelotim's video has been shared over 40,000 times, which means that even though most of us think these novelty contour videos are getting kind of old, people think they're pretty funny. What's next? Contouring with knives? Oh wait, someone's done that.

Just say no to these tattoo designs

How many of you have tattoos that you got without really thinking, say, back when you were 18 and drunk with your youth and power? I have one such tattoo, but thankfully it's not some inspirational symbol or a butterfly on my lower back.

A Reddit user asked a bunch of tattoo artists about the tattoo trends they'd like to see disappear, and some of their answers were pretty surprising. PopSugar rounded up the best ones for us: "Girls of Pinterest, make calf tattoos the next big thing," said one artist who's tired of inking ribcages. Another artist says, "If you saw it on Pinterest, I lose interest." They're real tired of infinity signs, white ink designs and those ever-popular tiny tats.

Of course, it's your body, and if you want to ink a big ol' cross on your back, go for it! I just think it's funny that Pinterest has become such an annoyance to tattoo artists. It influences us to dye our hair rose gold and get matching arrow tattoos with our BFFs.

The '00s are back, y'all

With the 10th anniversary of The Hills this week and the re-emergence of the Juicy tracksuit (which I am taking credit for, as I bought a Juicy suit in 2014), it seems that the '00s are back. Thank God! The '00s were the best! The clothes were horrible and the makeup was equally horrible, but it was so much fun!

Cosmo rounded up a bunch of photos of our favorite celebrities, including Kimmy K and Beyonce, wearing some pretty godawful makeup. Remember frosty lipgloss? My BFFs and I used to hoard this super-shimmery ice blue shadow called Disco Ball, and we'd wear it with navy liner and sticky pink Clinique lip gloss. Oh, and remember how you'd twist back pieces of your hair and pin them into an "updo"? What a time to be alive! I wouldn't trade that for the world.

  • Which decade do you wish would come back into beauty style?
  • What should we try contouring with next? (Tynan said dildos.)
  • Do you have any tattoos you regret?