Burger King's Whopper Perfume Probably Isn't An April Fools' Joke

But we won't know for sure until April 1, which is a pretty fishy launch date (for a burger frag).
Publish date:
March 26, 2015
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We got wind of a potential new fragrance release, and it's left us both scratching our heads and calling major shenanigans.

Burger King Japan has announced the upcoming debut of a whopper-scented perfume. Yes, you read correctly: whopper. scented. perfume. It's apparently not even subtle, and will straight up smell like a fire-grilled beef patty.

The fragrance will be available for one day only, April Fools' Day (aka April 1). Things are getting fishier (or burger-ier?) by the minute, gang.

Despite the release date and the overall oddness that is eau du Whopper, though, Burger King Japan insists that it's all legit. And since it's Japan, and since they've actually released another fragrance before called "Flame," we kind of don't know what to believe.

If you happen to be in Japan on April 1--and if this thing is real--you can pick one up for roughly $40. Be quick, though, because only 1,000 will be sold (you get a free whopper with purchase, FYI).

  • Let's place our bets right now. Real? Hoax?
  • More importantly, would you wear it? And to where would you wear it?
  • Maybe around the neighborhood collecting strays? Around the office near dinner hour to attract potential new mates? So many options.