8 Blair Waldorf Beauty Triumphs in Honor of Her Totally Real Birthday

I'm a 25-year-old woman, and I would like to celebrate, with you, the birthday of a fictional character in a series of young-adult books about rich New York teenagers.
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November 16, 2015
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Gossip Girl premiered on The CW in September of 2007, at the dawn of my senior year of high school. I was a pretty busy kid back then and wasn't aware of the show until I started getting a lot of "you look like this girl on this new show" comments in the halls of my all-girls school.

An egomaniac from a young age, I was flattered and intrigued, so I gave the show a look-see. I was immediately hooked.

Gossip Girl was lavish, melodramatic, silly, and despite all that, totally endearing. My girlfriends and I spent many a lunch hour discussing everything GG. How far would Blair and Serena go in their latest public catfight? Are Rufus and Lily gonna make it work or what? Why are the producers trying to make us believe DAIR is going to happen? But it was mostly, CHUCK. CHUCK. CHUUUUUCK, OH MY GOD, CHUCK. Hormones are neat. (I haven't changed at all.)

Throughout the show's devious and meandering plot lines, Blair Waldorf remained a mainstay both onscreen and in my heart. She was conniving and delightful, glamorous and sinister, a devil in a Prada gown. Though her method was often less than ethical, at her core, Blair was driven, and I respected her for it. She was unwilling to hold back or quit for any reason when it came to getting what she wanted, whether it be revenge, romance, or both. I admired and envied that sort of determination.

I also admired and envied her many beauty looks. Girl had quite the wardrobe, and her hair and makeup were right on point.

In honor of her totally not fictional and definitely real birthday on November 15, here are some of my favorite, most memorable Blair beauty moments.

The Classic Blair-Band Look

Not since Heathers and the scrunchie has a fictional character brought such magnitude to a hair accessory. Blair's headbands, or Blair-bands as I lovingly refer to them, became a quintessential part of not only her on-screen wardrobe but every teenage fan's daily ensemble as well.

Over the years and seasons, Blair repped a variety of bands in different ways, but this is the quintessential Blair look. Long hair in voluminous, wide-barreled curls all pushed gently back by an elegant, bowed headband. It's a statement piece perfect for the Queen B.

Her Flawless Summer Highlights

Blair's hair was always the perfect shade of chestnut brown, but come the summery start of season two, she achieved new levels of beauty with these gorgeous caramel highlights.

This Dramatic Braided Updo

When attending an Upper East Side wedding, these girls go all-in. For (one of) Lily's wedding(s), Blair went anything but minimal. With a braided section in front, a dramatic floral headband, drop earrings, and a purply smoky eye, Blair's look is dramatic but somehow works. Sure, it's very 2008, but I love it all the same.

Her Commitment to Statement Hats

Statement hats are the natural next step after statement headbands, and Blair never shied away from a statement. Her signature hat throughout the series was definitely a colorful cloche style, seen here in a very pretty pink.

She also loved a good beret. Blair was, after all, obsessed with all things français.

And then, of course, there was this hugely dramatic hat Blair pulled off with grace and aplomb.

Her Perfectly Tousled Updos (With Tendrils! How 2008!)

A good, loose, curly updo is one of the most flattering looks in the world. Blair pulled it off time and time again throughout the series. With the perfect amount of volume and just the right pieces of hair in her face, Blair looked sophisticated and chic at all times. You know, like a normal teen.

This curly look is pretty un-Blair of her, but it's just so pretty I had to include it. She looks so glowy and lovely here, like true royalty. Even Kate Middleton wishes she was Queen B!

Full. On. Glamour.

I have no words. This is everything I hope to be in life. (Also, Blair wore this to, like, her NYU Parents' Dinner. Typical college kid look, right?)

This Gorgeous Half-Up Formal Look

OK, I mostly just wanted to include a photo with Chuck. Sue me. This look is so pretty, though. That dress!

  • What was your favorite Blair moment on GG?
  • Are you more of an S or a B? Oh god, are you a little J?
  • How much do we love Chuck? Spill in the comments. XOXO.