The Idea of "French Girl Beauty" is Finally, Gorgeously Evolving

Plus, does Chewbacca have "chocolate chip cookie" hair?

As you’re reading this, I’m in Las Vegas! It’s my last “fun time” before I get serious about money in 2016. Barf.

Anyway, I’m probably wandering The Strip and wishing Britney was playing, or buying a wig or something. That’s what Vegas is for, right?

Chewbacca's hair is more high-maintenance than yours

I’m a Star Wars nerd, so I looooooved reading about Chewbacca’s beauty routine. Did you know they use a curling wand and two kinds of hairspray on his beautiful coat? Can you imagine washing that thing? Chewy’s stylist shared all his beauty secrets with Allure’s Beauty Reporter.

Also interesting was this piece about the signature style of The Force Awakens' heroine, Rey. The three “knobs” she wears in her hair are an homage to Princess Leia’s iconic buns.

It's clear the fashion and beauty world is as obsessed with Star Wars as I am; hairstylists at one of Raf Simon’s Dior presentations did a twist on the Leia buns, and the girls at Rodarte plastered Star Wars images all over a recent collection. Star Wars is chic, OK?

The FDA has approved a “cooling cap” to help prevent cancer patients' hair loss

This is totally, well, cool. The FDA approved the DigniCap, a “cooling cap” which is shown to help reduce hair loss during chemotherapy. Hair loss is a very common side-effect of chemotherapy, and one that can take a toll on a patient's self-esteem.

Here’s how it works, according to the FDA:

“[A computer-controlled system] circulates cooled liquid to a head-worn cooling cap during chemotherapy treatment. The cooling cap is covered by a second cap made from neoprene, which holds the cooling cap in place and acts as an insulation cover to prevent loss of cooling.

"The cooling action is intended to constrict blood vessels in the scalp, which, in theory, reduces the amount of chemotherapy that reaches cells in the hair follicles (hair roots). The cold also decreases the activity of the hair follicles, which slows down cell division and makes them less affected by chemotherapy. The combined actions are thought to reduce the effect chemotherapy has on the cells, which may reduce hair loss.”

Rad, right? They tested it on 122 women with Stages I and II breast cancer and more than 66% of them reported losing less than half their hair. Science is wonderful, isn’t it?

Finally, another facet of “French girl beauty”

When you think of “French girl” beauty, what do you think of? For many of us, the words bring up Charlotte Gainsbourg-ian visions with rumpled hair, perfect skin and cool, effortless style. This stereotype has been trending hardcore for a few years now, and I’m getting a little tired of it. (Then again, I’m more Jerry Hall than anything.)

Fatou N’diaye, a Parisian beauty and style blogger, started her blog, Black Beauty Bag, because the mainstream media made her “feel invisible.”

She tells Vogue: “I grew up in a time when it was difficult to see articles about black women in the press, and after trips to New York and London I was realizing that France was really lacking in those areas.”

On her blog, N’diaye (who is half-Nigerian, half-Malian and a quarter Senegalese) explores all sorts of topics, from haircare to wellness.

“I was raised with the idea that French beauty is not only white or skinny or blonde. It’s about an elegant woman who cultivates a positive image of herself—a woman who is beautiful because of her mind.”

WTF is chocolate chip cookie hair?

I have a very bad habit when I’m deep in thought or nervous, and that habit is biting on my hair. I don’t think my hair tastes good; it’s just a weird thing I’ve done since I was really small.

“Chocolate chip cookie” hair isn’t edible either, unfortunately. It’s a new color trend, much like fall’s “pumpkin spice latte.” The stylist behind the trend, Cutler Salon's Ryan Pearl [Editor's note: I just met this guy last week and he is the best! Kbye - Marci], tells Mane Addicts that he uses foodie terms to help his clients fully envision what he has in mind.

“Chocolate chip cookie” hair is a dimensional blend of blonde and brunette tones, much like, well, a cookie. It’s perfect for women who want a low-maintenance, natural look with a darker base.

RIP Holly Woodlawn

One of Andy Warhol’s most famous superstars, Holly Woodlawn, died earlier this week of liver cancer. She was a transgender pioneer who was born Haroldo Danhakl and hitched her way to New York City, where she became Holly. Unlike Warhol protégées Edie Sedwick and Baby Jane Holzer, Woodlawn wasn’t a rich girl. She had to create her version of glamour all on her own.

Woodlawn starred in a few Warhol movies and, together with fellow superstar Candy Darling, inspired Lou Reed to write “Walk on the Wild Side." These lyrics are obviously about her: “Holly came from Miami, F.L.A./ Hitch-hiked her way across the U.S.A./Plucked her eyebrows on the way/Shaved her legs and then he was a she./ She says, ‘Hey, babe/Take a walk on the wild side.’/Said, ‘Hey, honey, Take a walk on the wild side.'”

For us, this isn’t all that revolutionary, but in the early ‘70s it was. According to The Guardian, homosexuality had only been legal in the UK for a few years when the song became a worldwide hit.

Though Woodlawn’s Warhol flame eventually flickered out, she had recently appeared on a few episodes of Transparent. When Woodlawn died, the New York Times ran her obituary, proving that even though your fame might run out in 15 minutes, your legacy never dies.

  • What do you think of you hear the term "French girl beauty"?
  • How would you describe your hair color in food words?
  • Are you going to “The Force Awakens?” My brother and I bought tickets way in advance and we’re so excited. We both cried at the trailer. Also, I own a talking Chewbacca mask… #NerdAlert