Bill Nye's Beauty Routine Doesn't Include a Clip-In Man Bun, Which Is a Thing Now

Plus, you can't compete in childhood cheerleading competitions if you have curly hair, apparently.
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November 11, 2015
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There's something very surreal about watching Emma Roberts become a huge star. I grew up watching her aunt, Julia Roberts, become America's sweetheart (oh my gosh—I just remembered that I actually saw the movie America's Sweethearts in the theater), and it's so weird to think that teenage girls are gobbling up her style and beauty tips from online publications the way I did from tangible, flip-through-able magazines like InStyle and Mademoiselle in the '90s.

I wonder if this is how my mom, having watched Goldie Hawn start her rise to stardom while she was in high school, felt when Kate Hudson came on the scene. But then, I don't remember The New York Times publishing 1,000 words about Kate Hudson's beauty routine when she was in her early 20s.

Emma Roberts' beauty routine is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a wealthy 24-year-old actress

If you weren't really worried about the signs of aging yet, didn't have any major acne issues, and had the financial freedom to buy expensive stuff and dye your hair blonde and dark brown and back to blonde again, your beauty routine would probably sound a hell of a lot like the one Scream Queens star Emma Roberts recently told The New York Times she sticks to.

Her skincare regimen is a mix of preventative formulas and simple indulgences, like AmorePacific Future Response Age Defense Dual Eye Creme, Tata Harper Beautifying Face Oil, Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15, and masks from REN and SK-II. Her makeup bag boasts plenty of Sephora-shoppable favorites like BareMinerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm, Anastasia Brow Gel, and Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. She's also an early adopter of Honest Beauty—specifically the Creme Blush.

Her hair products, chosen specifically for color-damaged hair with extensions, are just as 'spency as the rest of her favorites: Oribe Shampoo for Beautiful Color, Serge Normant Meta Sheer Dry Oil Finishing Spray, and Kerastase masks.

None of this surprises, offends or amuses me. NEXT!

Bill Nye's beauty routine is probably not at all what you'd expect from a famous 60-year-old science guy

I don't know why Fashionista interviewed Bill Nye the Science Guy about his beauty routine, but I sure am glad they did. Even though he knows a ton about chemistry and biology and whatnot, he seems just as clueless as most 60-year-old dudes about beauty products. That doesn't mean he doesn't use them or have favorites, though. He most definitely does.

"Just know that I have no endorsement in this at all, but I use Pond's," he told them. "Pond's is an ancient product. My grandmother used Pond's. And so do I."

He also swears by eye cream, "or eye ointment, or whatever that is." He's been using it for decades and is convinced it's helping him look better than his peers. Mary Kay, Olay—he's switched things up over the years, but he's committed to dabbing goo under his eyes.

When asked if he's into man buns, though, he was far less enthusiastic: "Not my thing."

Too bad, because there are now clip-in man buns

Whenever a short-haired guy makes fun of the man-bun trend, do you ever wonder, for just a sec, if that guy is just jealous? If you know one of these jealous, length-challenged dudes, consider buying him his secret number-one Christmas boutique gift item: a customized RPZL clip-in man bun!

RPZL's popular RPZL PONY! (all-caps and an exclamation point are part of the trademarked name) is apparently being commandeered by men in order to get the man-bun look, which is guaranteed to get them both mocked and laid.

Available in 16 different shades of 100% virgin remy hair, RPZL is happy to help pick the perfect color match. Once received, just rip open the package with unbridled gusto, part his hair into the section you want to attach the clip-in, tease the section of hair where the clip-in will be attached, attach the clip-in, create a messy bun, and put him on a Greyhound to Brooklyn. Voila!

It's Dita Von Teese's turn for a MAC collaboration

I seriously cannot wait until my MAC collaboration (a girl can delude herself), but until then, I love all of these limited-edition celebrity-inspired products they've been launching.

The latest is Dita Von Teese, whose new book Your Beauty Mark (super-into that name) inspired MAC to create a glamorous red lipstick that works perfectly with the retro burlesque dancer's aesthetic.

The lipstick, which has Dita's actual signature etched into the bullet (an exciting new challenge for identity thieves), will be available online and in select stores next month.

Girl with incredibly beautiful hair kicked off cheerleading squad for having incredibly beautiful hair

I know a lot has changed since I was a wee middle school cheerleader in the early '90s, but I had no idea that some squads today are requiring girls to straighten their curly hair in order to participate. That seems wholly unnecessary, no? How about a braid instead?

But it's reportedly the reason Makayla Fallaw, a gorgeous 11-year-old with badass gymnastic skills, was cut from her cheerleading squad.

"Just a few weeks ago is the first time I had heard about a special hairstyle," Makayla's mother told Texas station KTRK, referring to Woodlands Elite Cheer's rule that all girls must have straight hair for competitions. "I felt like I might make my daughter feel like her hair is not good enough because she's not like other girls." She also expressed concern that the straightening process could damage Makayla's hair.

Although her mother wrote a letter to Woodlands and got a meeting with them to discuss making a compromise, things didn't work out.

"When you come into the sport, you understand there is makeup to it. There's hair to it," Woodlands employee Kevin Tonner told a reporter.

But ultimately, it wasn't the fact that "there's hair to it" (whatever that means) that got Makayla kicked off the squad. It was supposedly her mother's defensiveness.

"It wasn't about hair. It was about we don't want this negativity on our team," Tonner said.

Whatever. #TeamMakayla

  • Have you ever been forced to wear your hair in a different texture?
  • If you were a wealthy 24-year-old, what's the first beauty product you'd buy?
  • Will someone please put a man bun clip-in on their boyfriend while he sleeps and take a picture? Thanks.