OPEN THREAD: You Can Quote Me On That

Before tomorrow's Comments of the Week, let's talk about the best beauty quotes of the last few months.
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August 21, 2015
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As you know, Kelly scours the comments of xoVain's articles every week to choose the Comments of the Week. They range from great advice to hilarious non sequiturs to thoughtful observations—exactly what I'd expect from a readership such as yourselves.

Sometimes, though, as I'm editing contributors' articles, lines will stand out to me that make me pause. I'll laugh, nod, gasp; the insights and humor that pour out of my writers bring me a shit-ton of joy. (Shit-Ton of Joy is definitely my new band's name.)

Today, I thought I'd share with you some of the quotes from articles that have been published since my return that have made my job even better than it would already be.

I'm sometimes exhausted by the restrictions I place on myself out of worry or hyper-awareness. I'm not saying that I want to run out and wear the most revealing clothing possible 24/7. I just don't want to feel bad about, say, wearing a bathing suit top because I feel like I'll be asking for too much attention, or a low cut dress to a bar because people may think things. I do understand that this level of self-consciousness had an understandable origin (all that commentary!), but that it only thrives because I allow it to. — Wendy

I don’t do a lot of jungle exploration (and by that I mean I don’t explore jungles at all), but I do deal with at least a little bit of humidity on the regular. Let me tell you, my curls look nothing like [Bryce Dallas Howard's in Jurassic World] at the end of the day (despite my best efforts). — Tamara

To combat my madness, I've been turning to beauty. I do those looks that require 16 products but look "natural," I follow daily and weekly beauty routines to the letter. I am surely overdoing it. But do I care? No. I think the only thing I have to worry about is punctuality when it comes to that. Being well oiled, well strobed and adorned with perfect brows and lipstick have helped me crawl out of TONS of ruts. — Danielle

Sometimes it’s better to go a few months without a haircut instead of letting your friend cut your hair on a table. — Samantha

Listen, OPI, koalas aren't bears! Read a Zoobook! — Rachel

I decided to colour my hair again. Just for the short term. Maybe it’s dishonest. I’m still weirded out that pop culture likes to pretend people magically become wise and gray-haired in our middle years, but not before. — Morgan

I like to remind them that we all had the same super-short bowl cut with bangs when we were kids, and we're all going to have the same super-short perm when we're old ladies. Because we're sisters. — Kelly

There are, of course, MANY more gems than these that I would love to list, but that would be the longest Open Thread post ever. So instead, I'll ask you:

  • What are some memorable quotes you've read on xoVain?
  • What are your favorite beauty quotes in general?
  • What else do you feel like talking about this fine weekend?