The Best Beauty Sh!t We Got Last Week: Things That Look Like Other Things Edition

The only time a cupcake is better than a cupcake is when it's a bath bomb.

It may be Halloween, but there are so many fun beauty products at my desk that it feels like Hanukkah, but, like, if you got all your presents on one night. It's sort of like that one super-obscure holiday — what the hell is it called? Christmas? (I think it's pronounced ˈKH-rīst-məz, with a lot of phlegm up front, but correct me if I'm wrong.)

Several of this week's products could pass as completely different things. They're like beauty products in other-things costumes. They totally know it's Halloween! OH MY GOD, THE BEAUTY PRODUCTS HAVE GAINED SENTIENCE. Well, it was nice knowing you all.

You know the drill, kiddos. Tell me which products immediately jumped on your wish list. And tell me about any great (or not so great) beauty purchases you made this week.