The Best Beauty Sh!t We Got Last Week: No Particularly Obvious Theme Edition

Swatch of new NARS lip colors included. Swatch of the bruise I got shooting these photos not included.

Wanna know how much I care about bringing you guys the latest and greatest products? Enough to get a huge bruise on my arm from trying to shoot these products on my roof and ending up backing into the corner of my next-door neighbor's skylight. (Apologies to Jose if he heard me cursing. Apologies to a whole block of Williamsburg, actually.)

We've got a small but mighty batch this week, and you can expect to see an increase in giftable stuff over the next month or so. Gift set and palette season is approaching, after all! Let's see what the beauty fairy left under my desk pillow. (God, I wish I actually had a pillow on my desk.)

See anything you would give as a gift? See anything you would want as a gift? Wanna share a review of something you got this week? Do tell!