The Best Beauty Sh!t We Got Last Week: No Hair Products Edition

But that's OK because I've got your nails, skin, lips, teeth and even your butt covered this week.

Ugh, you guys, so much of the best beauty shit I got last week I can't even show you! There are pretty awesome new products coming out from Simple, Nexxus, Dove, St. Ives and other Unilever brands, and a bunch of other beauty editors and I got a sneak peek — and got to try some new products and even take a few home with us — but with launch dates as far in the future as next summer, mum's the word.

In the meantime, here are some other great new products that I'd received by the end of the day last Monday (my last day in the office last week before going to see all that aforementioned Unilever stuff). These you're not only allowed to know about, you don't have to wait to very long (or at all) to make them yours.

There were no hair products in this week's roundup, so if you've got any great new ones on your list (or in your hair as we speak), let's hear about them! Also, what do you typically use for ingrowns and razor burn? And would you sit on what essentially looks like a bumpy car floor liner to smooth out your booty? Let's discuss.