The Best Beauty Sh!t We Got Last Week: It's Getting Personal(ized)

Body butter with your name on it, adorable decapitation, festive nails and ever so much more!

It's that time of year where my mother becomes increasingly less shy about asking for some of the beauty products I get at the office. While I'd never abuse my power and call something in specifically to give it to my mom (I swear, PR peeps!), the number of "If you happen to receive so-and-so product..." texts from her increases as the holidays near.

And you know what? I'm cool with that. My parents have always gotten annoyed when I spend money on gifts for them — Hanukkah, birthdays and otherwise — and if Mom wants a foundation that isn't quite the right shade for me but could work for her? Deal. (Though, let's not forget, she has written for xoVain before. And xoJane, too, about when she fell in a manhole. You should totally read that after this.)

Anyway, there's only a few things on this week's list of last week's product deliveries that she might be interested in, but I may have to call dibs on most of them because they're all kind of calling my name. In fact, one of them has my name on it.

Anything jump out at you as a must-have? Done any particularly score-ful beauty shopping this week? Do your parents refuse to accept gifts that cost you anything more than postage? Get to talkin' in the comments already!