The Best Beauty Sh!t We Got Last Week: Nothing from Sephora Edition

Not on purpose, of course. (Love you, Sephora! Let's do lunch soon.)

Most of the stuff you see in these galleries each week comes to me in either bike-messenger-delivered shopping bags or FedEx boxes. On occasion, if I do some online shopping and decide to have a purchase sent to the office instead of my home (where packages tend to disappear), it'll slip my mind that I had it sent to the office and I'll open up a box expecting some skincare products and be greeted with the Sorel boots I forgot I bought after consulting with Samantha over Instagram messages for a half hour. (I got the 1964 boots, Sam. I'm sorry.)

Anyway, some of the best stuff I got last week is actually the result of me physically going somewhere — namely to the flagship e.l.f. store here in NYC, where they invited editors to check out this year's variety of holiday sets and pick out a few products. There are bunch of great new kits, and all of them are double-take levels of affordable, but we'll start off this week's selections with my favorite one.

Anything here strike your fancy? Have you bought anyone beauty gifts for the holidays this year? Treat yourself to anything new lately? Let's hear all about it.