The Best Beauty Sh!t We Got Last Week: Bright Under-Eyes, Fragrant Wrists, Can't Lose

There's yogurt and jelly in here, and you can't eat either.

I've always felt that perfume is a rather dangerous gift to give, and not in the "may not be mailed domestically using air transportation" kind of way. (What does perfume do to planes, anyway? Other than make being in one a horrible experience when you're seated right next to someone drenched in it.) It's just that, unless you're getting someone a new bottle of a scent they already wear or have repeatedly announced their interest in trying, you're taking a huge risk that the recipient is going to hate it. Scent preference is so personal, and even if you know all the notes someone looks for in a fragrance, it could add up to something totally foul to the wearer's nose once its on their skin.

OK, now ignore everything I just said because this week's roundup of stuff we got includes, amongst other things, several fragrances that would make awesome gifts, uncertainty be damned. Throw caution to the delicately scented wind! And while you're at it, put a few of these products on a wish list for yourself.

Those hair elastics would make a pretty great stocking stuff, amirite? No, really, am I right? I don't know. I've only had a stocking once ever, while visiting my ex-husband's parents for Christmas, like, 12 years ago.

What are good beauty stocking stuffers anyway? Think there's anything in this week's batch you'll get for yourself or someone else? Wanna brag about a recent buy? Below is the place to share your thoughts on all of the above.