Oh, my loves, welcome to the last Best Beauty Sh!t We Got Last Week of 2016. Or, in case you haven't heard, the last one for an indefinite amount of time, possibly forever but hopefully not.

I wanted this one to be a productpalooza. Adding -palooza to anything implies that it's extra-special right? And gigantic, I guess? There are more than 40 products in this installment — some I just recently received, and some I got a while back and was hoping to find a place for in stories that never happened. I know some of you are all "Booooo, slideshowwwwwws," But y'all, this many products call for a gallery, and you will like it, young lady.

Regardless of the format, I hope you find a few products you think you'll like, and I want to hear in the comments which ones that have stricken your fancy.

Are you ready? No? TOO BAD, HERE GOES.

Alright, darlings. Now's the time to talk about what here makes your wish list, the best buy you made all year, anything product-related. Let's chitty-chat.