The Best Beauty Sh!t We Got Last Week: Shiny and Smooth Edition

Get ready to gleam in multiple ways.

If I have time during office hours, I'll pop a squat on the floor near one of our New-Jersey-facing windows and shoot these products against a big-ass sheet of white paper. (Sorry if that ruins the magic.) But most weeks, I don't get a chance to do that here at the Time Inc offices and have to lug a giant bag of products home, much to the dismay of my shoulder and my boyfriend, who has nightmares about moisturizer tsunamis at this point in our relationship. There, I set up a poster board in the most well-lit part of my apartment and try to get the best beauty products we got last week to make love to the camera.

Sadly, they are inanimate objects who have no sexual interest in my camera. I do, however, sometimes think they're fucking with me when they insist on rolling away mid-picture. DO YOU NOT WANT FAME, LITTLE EYE CREAM?

Both photo-shoot methods may be unglamorous, but I hope you feel at least a little twinge of glamour looking at some of the products you might not have known about before now but suddenly feel an inexplicable urge to put in your makeup bag or medicine cabinet.

Let's feel that glamourtwinge, shall we?

I've already got a bag started for next week — products from MAC, Maybelline, and several brands that don't start with M — so feel free to guess what's coming down the line. And, as usual, let's talk about which of this week's products you're most interested in trying, as well as your latest beauty buys.