My 10 Favorite VMA Beauty Looks, Based on Pictures I Looked at the Morning After

I'm sorry, MTV, but I can only handle you in small, silent, motionless doses at this point in my life.

I would be lying if I said I'm super-into or even semi-into the MTV Video Music Awards. I was alive and downright sentient during a time when MTV played almost only music videos — raise your hand if you can remember the "Thriller" premiere — so I'm grumpily confused about why MTV even does the VMAs anymore. The Samsung Noodle Awards makes as much sense. (Fun fact, by the way: Samsung, the electronics company, started out as a noodle company.)

I was watching StyleWatch's red carpet Instagram story yesterday, and every other thought I had was "Who the hell is that?" Chainsmokers? BTS? DNCE? Are bands just capital letters and bad habits now? So even if I still had cable (I don't wanna talk about it), I'm not sure I'd tune in for... you know... tunes. The only thing I'd actually be interested in seeing is looks.

And you know where I can see VMA beauty looks without unfamiliar music sonically exacerbating my wrinkles? Pictures.

So this morning, I spent some time browsing good ol' Getty Images to pick out my favorite beauty moments from the 2016 MTV VMAs. Here are my top 10.

Don't get mad at me for not including Rihanna. From what I understand, the VMAs were more or less a freakin' Rihanna concert, and she sported at least four different looks, so I feel like that gives her an unfair advantage — like she had four raffle tickets when everyone else got just one or two. (Tynan and I both did love her high ponytail, though.)

  • Did you watch the VMAs? Or are you more of a pictures-after-the-fact observer like me?
  • What was your favorite red-carpet beauty look?