My 10 Favorite Emmys Beauty Looks, In Case You Were Wondering

I suddenly have the urge to cut my hair short and wear brightly colored eyeshadow.

Once again, I have failed to watch a major entertainment awards show. But I have a better excuse than "I feel like an elderly person looking confusedly into the window of a middle school dance" this time. I went to a lovely wedding in Central Park last night, and I got to meet and babble incoherently to Lin-Manuel Miranda, who's now sporting short hair and no goatee — a complete departure from the Hamilton look he wore for so long, not to mention a convenient segue for the point of this post: my favorite Emmy beauty looks, several of which were departures for the celebrities wearing them.

As I bookmarked my favorite red-carpet and after-party photos this morning, I realized there was an unintentional theme: a bit of rule-breaking. Most of the looks that really wowed me deviated from awards-show tradition of looking as conventionally beautiful as possible, while still coming across as stunning. There was creativity, boldness, subtlety, color, and plenty of inspiration to be carried over into everyday life.

Here are my top 10:

  • Which Emmys beauty look was your favorite last night?
  • Are you going to try to recreate any of these ideas?
  • Did you even watch the show, or did you have other things to do? (Sleeping, dicking around on Facebook, and brushing your cat totally count as other things to do.)