OPEN THREAD: What Are Your Pups' Favorite Doggie Beauty Products?

This Open Thread is a little sad and a little off-subject, but it's a great excuse to post pet pictures in the comments.
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September 25, 2015
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It's a little tough for me to keep beauty on my mind right now. Tomorrow, after almost exactly 13 years together, I will be bringing my beloved 15-and-a-half-year-old dog, Max, to the vet to say goodbye. Despite being a determined little mutt, his health has deteriorated significantly over the last few months; a chubby 30 pounds when I first adopted him, he's dropped down to 13 and can barely stay standing, often melodramatically crashing to the ground like a skilled physical comedian when he tries to walk across the apartment.

But, alas, it's not comedy, and he's in pain. Mostly blind and deaf, he's confused about why he can't move the way he wants to and why he's always desperately hungry. And so, I felt it's time. There's an enormous amount of guilt that comes with making this decision, but there's also an enormous amount of guilt that comes with keeping an obviously suffering beloved pet alive.

My friends and I are having a little picnic in the park beforehand to let Max enjoy a nice early fall day with people who love him and to eat all the sliced turkey he wants (it's his favorite). And tonight, so he feels his most dapper (and so I can make this Open Thread halfway relevant to beauty) I'm giving him a bath with his favorite—OK, my favorite—dog shampoo: Malin + Goetz Dog Shampoo.

I think I like it so much because it's made by a non-canine beauty brand I already love, and the glamour of human self-care carries over nicely into the dog shampoo without going too overboard into "pampered pooch" territory.

Last time I used it on Max, he seemed to be kind of into it. He did his best to strut around afterward like he knew he smelled good. (My six-year-old dog, Rufus, however, is so terrified of being bathed that I was only able to wash a third of his body. We're working on that.)

And, if anything, giving him a bath one more time tonight will be a nice way to bond with him, one on one, and show him how much I love him.

  • Do you have a pet? Are you picky about the grooming products you use on them?
  • Do you ever use people products on your pets?
  • What else—especially what else more actually beauty-related—is on your mind this weekend?