What's Your Favorite Beauty Cheap Thrill?

No money, no problem.

Without fail, I manage to make every errand run to a drugstore an excuse to pick up a beauty item. The majority of things I use are things that I've been sent for my job, but that has never diminished the instant gratification of buying a new makeup or lip balm or Turbie Twist. In fact, I'm sure there's some pocket bit wisdom about good things coming in small packages or happiness not being expensive — something having to do with enjoyment being disproportionately sized to cost. The point is, people... it's fun getting something for cheap and it's a whole lot better when that thing isn't total crap.

Obviously, duh, you know this. What am I even talking about? I'm talking about the great pep-in-your-step feeling when you can sprinkle a little bit of coinage on a beauty product that you really enjoy and suddenly the world doesn't seem so insurmountable anymore (at least a tiny bit or somewhat briefly).

Since we can all use a little me-time spending some me-money, I had to ask everyone:

What's your favorite beauty cheap thrill?

Caitlin: "BLEACH. Whenever I get bored of my hair, I start throwing bits of bleach into parts of it. My hair has so much dye in it that I never get much lift, but I love getting a few orange/stripey bits. Also occasionally listening to Fiona Apple drunk and cutting my own bangs. I sound like a mess."

Allison: "Drugstore lipstick! Especially NYX because it's cheap and actually pretty decent."

Tynan: "Maybelline's Strobe Stick is a drugstore MVP"

Tamara: "The Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks for sure, especially Touch of Spice because it's my favorite and L'oreal Voluminous Mascara because no matter what other mascara I try I always come back to this one!"

Maura: "Catrice liquid eyeliner and NYX soft matte lip cream."

Maricar: I am always stocking up on Renpure Argan Oil Conditioner. It detangles and lightly moisturizes my fine hair and smells so good!

Rachel: "I will never stop buying Bonne Bell Dr Pepper Lip Smacker. NEVER."

Annie WD: "Always a sucker for a cheap hair mask, and they never work as well as the expensive one I could have bought instead of the eight cheapies bought in a moment of weakness."

Samantha: "Buying random tubs of Manic Panic (usually some version of pink, green, blue or purple). There used to be a running joke at work about what hair colour I'd walk in with that week.

Kim: "NYC black liquid liner (though recently, I wore it recently and it flaked more than I remembered so I shed a single tear)."

Kristina: "NYX Doll Eye Mascara. I'm obsessed."

Colleen: My go-to's are... hm, most likely St Ive's Apricot Scrub and second Rachel about the Lipsmacker — I'll go Dr. Pepper or any of the flavors, tbh. But for the REAL DEAL thrill factor, I think mine would probably be L'Oreal nail polish (they changed the packaging and now I want it all the time, it looks so chic) and... here's my guilty cheap pleasure... Bath & Body Works retired fragrance lotions. I will never stop being thrilled by Sun Ripened Raspberry.

Marci: I'm currently obsessed with e.l.f. Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel Lip Stain, which is a wee $4. Normally, red lip stains read way too pink on me, but they have a color called Red Orange Wash, and it's the perfect I-just-ate-a-not-at-all-pink-popsicle effect

And for me, I feel like I'm pulling a bit of a soft-dick move on you, since this product isn't out until January (eta: it's actually available NOW but only in Target — it goes everywhere in Jan 2017), but Chapstick, the brand that gave the world chapstick-when-you-really-mean-lip-balm is coming out with TINTED versions of their Total Hydration lip balms at Target (exclusively, so I've read). And THEY'RE REALLY GOOD. I was so impressed with how perfect the tint amount was, how moisturizing they felt and how accessibly affordable they will be come launch time. Honestly, these are what I was hoping Glossier's Gen G lipsticks would be (sans matte finish but I don't miss it).

So this is something you can get jazzed about in the new year.

I realize that "cheap" is a relative term so no spend-shaming, but tell me, tell me, tell me — What's YOUR favorite go-to beauty cheap thrill?