12 Snapchat Accounts to Follow for Beauty Inspiration (Or Entertainment, At Least)

Snap to it, kids.

Warning: There is a picture of a butt in this article.

I get irrationally annoyed when people say they don't "get" things that are super-easy to understand. I'm not talking about math or dating; I'm talking about things that are straightforward AF.

Like, when people say they don't "get" Beyoncé? What's there to get? She's super-talented and beautiful and very rich and famous. Hence, American Royalty.

Or when people don't "get" Snapchat. It's so easy, you guys. If you don't think it's fun, that's cool, but it doesn't make you smarter or any more chic than those of us who do. Some people claim it's too complicated to figure out which... OK, maybe you need to see a doctor. One of my 25-year-old friends said she thinks she's too old to figure out Snapchat, but, like, my mom sends me hilariously filtered selfies every day, so maybe we all need to step up our game.

Snapchat is silly and fun. I love that you don't have to really put any thought into it. I love firing off ridiculous selfies into the void. I use Snapchat more than any other social media, and it's honestly my main way to communicate with my friends most of the time. It's somehow less exhausting to me than texting. (I think these days most of my texts come from my bank or the Hillary Clinton campaign, so they've lost a bit of their one-time luster.)

When I'm not snapping stupid sexts to my best girlfriends, I love creepily following the lives of various celebrities on Snapchat. Tons of big names use the app and post regularly about their glamorous lives. I love sneak peeks behind the scenes. It's truly inspiring to me.

Like Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, you can also find tons of beauty inspiration on Snapchat. I'm often screen-shotting various snaps to save a good eyeshadow or lip look. (At a certain level of fame, does Snapchat stop sending screenshot notifications? I would hope. Being famous seems horrible.)

Here are some of the people I follow just to steal their looks, or just to live vicariously through (them).

Ingrid Nilsen (ingrid.nilsen)

One YouTuber I have a soft spot for is Ingrid Nilsen. Ingrid's always seemed so incredibly intelligent and down-to-earth. I think she's a real role model for all kinds of young people. She's also super funny and likable, and her Snapchat is proof of that, as well as full of fun beauty-themed shots as well.

Chrissy Teigen (chrissyteigen)

Chrissy Teigen needs no introduction. She's a supermodel, a published cookbook author, and arguably a queen of social media in her own right. I just bought Chrissy's cookbook and cannot wait to dig in to all the amazing recipes.

I sometimes have to avoid Chrissy's Snapchat, because she posts so much amazing-looking food, it makes me hungry 24/7. Also: lots of dogs and occasionally some adorable snaps of her new baby.

The Hadid sissies (Bella: babybels777, Gigi: itsgigihadid)

Like everyone else with eyes and internet access, I'm super-obsessed with the Hadid sisters right now. I don't really care if people don't think they're "good" at modeling because — lol, come on. I hope to one day be very rich and very hot and in the meantime, I love to look at people who are very rich and very hot. Bella and Gigi (who are dating two of my most shameful secret crushes, ugh) fit the bill, and their Snapchats are super-fun. Lots of makeup-chair selfie videos, party snaps, and selfies I could never step to.

Dr. Miami (therealdrmiami)

I feel the same way about plastic surgery that I do about tattoos: when done well, they look wonderful on other people, but it just isn't for me. I'm not scared of needles, but I am terrified of commitment, so plastic surgery probably isn't for me.

That said, I am fascinated by it and Dr. Miami's Snapchat is the source of gruesome, weird, sometimes hilarious body altering content I never knew I needed. Yesterday, I watched a stranger get butt implants! What a time to be alive!

Glossier (glossier.irl)

Of course the social media darlings of the beauty industry are killing it on Snapchat as well. While I've yet to try their entire roster of products, their priming moisturizer has become a necessity in my medicine cabinet. Follow the G Team on snap for a behind-the-scenes look at day-to-day life in a bustling, booming beauty startup. They also occasionally announce sales and product releases on their Snapchat, too, so it is worth the follow.

Manny Gutierrez (mannyMUA)

I never sit down and watch YouTube makeup things. I have the attention span of a literal baby, so I really can't do it. If I watch one, I generally just skip through it to see random shots. But I've watched some Manny videos, and he's actually entertaining to me. He reminds me of half the crowd I hung out with in high school.

His Snapchat is entertaining, too! Lots of snaps from beauty industry events and, duh, tons of makeup snaps.

Jackie Aina (jackieaina)

I'm way late to the game on Jackie Aina's YouTube, but she's legit. Her makeup skills are impressive and always leave me itching to try things myself, though I'm far too basic and lazy to actually go for it. In her YouTube videos and on Snap, she's hilarious and super entertaining.

Jen Atkin (jenatkinhair)

At some point, Jen Atkin became the hairstylist to everyone who matters. She does the Kardashians, she does Chrissy, she does the Hadids — who DOESN'T she do?! (Me.) And now she's got her own line of products, The Ouai (pronounced "the way," by the ouai), which I'm dying to try. But for now, I just attempt to live vicariously through her Snapchat, which is full of glamour as well as tutorials on how to get the looks she styles on The Beautiful People.

Jared Leto (jaredleto)

Do I really need to say why you need to follow Jared Leto? C'mon.

Zendaya (zendaya_96)

The official poster child of the woke tumblr generation, Zendaya is a force to be RECKONED with. I love her. I think she's doing amazing things with her celebrity, and she's gorgeous. I always look forward to her daring red-carpet looks and fire selfies. Her Snapchat is even more hilarious than you might imagine.

Carly Cardellino (carlycardellino)

As the beauty editor at Cosmo, Carly's always got the inside scoop on beauty industry stuff, and her Snapchat is always full of selfies with celebrities, photoshoot behind-the-scenes goodies, and product porn galore.

Sephora (sephora)

Because duh. They post about all sorts of product releases and launches you need to be excited about. I do not recommend following them if you're attempting to stick to any sort of budget, though.

Oh, and of course, you should follow ME. I'm rachie_claire on Snapchat (and Instagram and Twitter and real life). It's mostly selfies, food, and Truvy, my cat. OK, it's mostly my cat.

And be sure to follow the official xoJane snapchat — it's xojanedotcom, and there are lots of xoVainers rotating in to take over for a week at a time.

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