Year In Review: 9 Truly Transformative xoMakeovers

Publish date:
January 2, 2015
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I feel like this year has gone by so swiftly yet SO MUCH has happened. I for one, had my year-long cross-country relationship become a very short distance relationship (he lives in my bedroom now, huzzah!), and I moved to a new apartment… Well, OK, that’s like all the majors for “life” stuff. But it’s been a hell of a year on xoVain, too. The lot of us sprinted out of our comfort zones with some mild to wild beauty transformations. Here are nine of my favorites.

1. When I went from black to platinum blonde.

It took nine hours and I cried in public, but BY GOD I fulfilled my ice queen destiny and subsequently did end up having much fun.

2. When Alle made herself into the stuff of nightmares.

OK, so she wasn’t TRYING to give me sleep terrors, but Alle’s Marilyn Mason Halloween look was SO SCARY that I hesitated to click the story. Naturally, though, analyzing your fears is the best way to conquer them. Plus, homegirl has skills. I had to debunk!

3. When Zoe resurrected the princess of R&B.

When I think of Zoe, the image of a glorious mane framing a sweet and clever smile comes to mind. We hung out IRL for approximately four or five hours one night when I was in Toronto last summer, and she’s an absolute riot. Cut to this '90s week story steaming up my monitor as Zoe effortlessly became #1 BB Girl, Aaliyah--not to mention one BAD B.

4. When I got all “instant makeover” and erased my eyebrows.

Just look at me with no eyebrows! Shudder.

5. When Alle became two clones!

I have not gotten around to watching Orphan Black yet, but I love sci-fi and I love makeovers so it’s right up my Alle (hehe). With her usual aplomb, Alle somehow creates goody-two-shoes Alle and detention-frequenter Alle.

6. When Mari went from Princess Peach to pierced fashion punk grunge princess.

Mari also had a blonde moment on xoVain this year. But more than her stark hair color change, I loved her style change in this DIY accessories story. Mari’s usual girly sweetness appears to be replaced with grunge gusto c/o Rodarte spring 2015 inspiration.

7. When Trista went grayscale for Halloween.

This legit reminded me of a Goosebumps book about a haunted school with kids trapped in a black-and-white photograph dimension.

8. When Rachel got the anti-lob.

Other than having an inexplicable distaste for the portmanteau “lob” (it’s ALREADY a word with an entirely different meaning!), I also have a fear of them, perhaps because I know that one is inevitably in my near future. Thanks to Rachel's NYC makeover, I now have another angle on how to counteract this whole lob thing, and am seriously considering some sort of transitional bangs situation.

9. When Kelly got all cyber goth on us.

OK, technically Kelly was demonstrating her take on Nicholas K’s NYFW runway look with a smoky upside down cat-eye and false bottom lashes, but with her newly inked hair and sleek Zara wardrobe (respect!), she looks so very Girl With a Dragon Tattoo crossed with Clockwork Orange in The Matrix. Whoa.

  • What was your most transformative beauty moment of 2014?
  • Who--in the xoCommunity, your own life, or the celeb world--had the greatest beauty transformation of the year?