The Best Balm Stain Yet, Plus COTW!

Everything's coming up Millhouse!
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February 21, 2015
cotw, wet n wild, lip stain, balm stain

Do you ever have those days or weeks when everything keeps "coming up Millhouse"? When all the little things go your way?

After seeing SNL’s 40th Anniversary Spectacular (there were tears), I found out I had Monday off! Then I found a secret $5 in a pair of pants. Then I finally tried out the Wet N Wild balm stains. They're rad because they stay put for a few hours, but aren't so pigmented that they stain the gross parts of my lips (where I've chewed on them).

Lady and the Vamp is the absolute perfect shade of berry, btw.

Time For Comments of The Week!1. If you’re thinking about trying meditation but aren't sure what to expect, just listen to what “Caddiewoodlawn” has to say.

Meditation has changed my life. Not in a drastic, immediate 'now I see the light' way, but in a slow, sustained build toward living a mindful and compassionate life. Since I began meditating, I have simply let go of anger and hatred over time, and those feelings have been replaced by patience and compassion. I'm not religious at all, and I appreciate the secular nature of meditation and its ability to bring some 'teachings' that many people get through religion to my life. My go-to book for meditation (and just my general life-guide) is Peace is Every Step, by Thich Nhat Hanh. I can't recommend it enough--he is just so accessible and forgiving. Read it, read it, read it!--Caddiewoodlawn

2. The idea of gendered fragrances seems so ingrained in the perfume industry. “Zainabcakes” has a different take on the whole thing.

I grew up with my only perfume being the bakhoor burner. Bakhoor is essentially fragrant oil soaked wood chips that you place on top of a burning piece of coal; it creates a really heady smoke that's primarily used for [scenting] the home, but it's also passed around so that men and women can fan the smoke toward them and into their clothes. The scent itself is very, very woody, it smells of oudh, agarwood, tabacco, and vetiver. The scents are really what are traditionally known in the west as 'masculine.' But for me, it always represented a very pure and ungendered beauty. I still find it strange that masculine scents are labelled as such! I think they work well on everybody!" --Zainabcakes

3. Christine taught us an excellent way to curl and revive a wig with a clothing steamer. Thanks to “METAPHYSICAL SPICE” for chiming in with these smart alternatives!

If a synthetic piece is really bad, I soak it in fabric softener, rinse, then blow-dry and style. Also, as an alternative to the steamer, I set the wig with flexi rods and just dip the whole thing in a pot of boiling hot water then air dry. I used wigs to help transition, grow out my undercut, and now I'm relaxed again. Now, rather than a full wig, I use clip ins (synthetic also). Hair is too fun!" --METAPHYSICAL SPICE

4. I love a drugstore recommendation, especially on a product that could save my hair from getting fried, so thanks “Samarie,” I’m totally going to pick up this heat protectant!

“Tresemme's Thermal Creations Heat Tamer spray has been my HG for years. I've been hoarding bottles out of fear they'll discontinue it.”--Samarie

5. Despite my misgivings regarding makeup expiration dates (1-3 years on powders?! You’re playing.), “Julia” said what a lot of us wouldn't.

I typically floss about once a week, I never properly eject flash drives, and I still have some of my mom's lipsticks from the '80s. I'm not a responsible adult, so you should definitely not listen to me.”--Julia

  • Did you totally cry through SNL’s 40th Anniversary?
  • Have you tried Wet N Wild's balm stains?
  • What are you up to this weekend? Is it freezing where you are? What's keeping you warm and cozy?