What's at the Top of Your Beauty To-Do List?

And is it a nautical mile long, like mine?
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October 21, 2016
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I really should write out a physical to-do list. It seems so simple, but the only time I really ever remember all the things I want to and have to get done (other than the things I do out of sheer routine and necessity, like this job) is when I've physically jotted them down and put that piece of paper in a hard-to-ignore place.

It would probably behoove me to create an entirely separate beauty to-do list, since it would be rather long in and of itself. I want to paint my vanity, organize my lipsticks by color, get my hair color refreshed, get a haircut that actually gives my hair some shape, try an exfoliating gadget that came my way recently, send my mom a matte eyeshadow palette I think she'll love — the list goes on and on.

At the top, though, is GO TO THE DERMATOLOGIST. I've been telling Dr. Joshua Zeichner that I want to come by for months, and I keep letting life get in the way. Hell, I have a list just for the dermatologist appointment alone! I've had a small, colorless bump behind my shoulder for a couple years now that really should get looked at; I have a few moles that should probably go bye-bye, too. In fact, I'm even thinking of getting the mole on my face biopsied. I doubt it's a troublemaker — most moles that have been around since one's childhood aren't — but I feel like its border has gotten a little wonky lately, and that raises some flags for me. I don't want to remove it entirely — I'll tattoo a spot there if I have to, dammit — but I'd rather play it safe. (I swear, Dr. Z, I'll come in soon!)

Here's what my fellow xoVainers said when I asked them:

What's at the top of your beauty to-do list?

Tamara: "Adding more cobalt and possibly some other shades of blue to my hair. I am thinking of going more blue than purple, but I might aim for a really multi-colored look and add some green in there as well."

Sable: "KonMari'ing my beauty hoardings, for sure. But also mostly, and in life in general, I wanna get "successful" to the point where I can see an esthetician monthly for a facial."

Allison: "I've been toying with the idea of getting an ombré and doing some kind of pink (probably a temporary wash?) to have pink hair for a hot minute. I've never bleached my hair before, so I'm a little wary of it. I may just save up, let my hair grow out a bit more, and go to a real human salon for a haircut AND color."

Samantha: "Eating as vegan as possible because otherwise my skin goes crazy. I'm already veggie, so this really just means avoiding dairy like I had been for nearly a year. I just love cheese and pizza so much. Ugh."

Maura: "Find a new signature fragrance for fall, grow my hair out, and clean my makeup brushes. And letting my nails become long and healthy again, but we already talked about that."

Calle: "I need to find/buy a good night serum to protect and hydrate my skin this winter. Chicago news has been saying that this winter is going to be the worst in yeeeaaaaarrrrssss. So a good nighttime serum and probably a sun lamp should be top of my list right now."

Lisa: "I've been slowly switching to an entirely clean/green beauty routine, so now I have to get rid of all the old stuff. It's a very scary prospect (and it's all in storage in NYC, so I don't have to think about it yet). But it's going to be such a sad day when I donate all my old stuff! On the bright side, my skin has never felt better."

Kelly: "Short term: I'm going to need a haircut soon. Ugghhh. Long term: I want to try eyelash extensions!"

Maricar: "I recently got a haircut, but I couldn't commit to bangs at the time, so now I have a chin-length layer mixed in with my hair. So I am planning to get real side bangs finally. Also, I want to do more masks this weekend and finally do my nails. It's really bothering me that the cuticles don't look neat."

Jamie: "Trying to figure out how and when to use the Tarte lip exfoliant I bought — it didn't come with instructions, so I've been guessing and Googling, with mixed results."

Christina: "I need to get my highlights done because I'm tired of having dark roots, and I need to buy a new face wash ASAP."

Hannah L.: "I am down to the last dregs of my Pixie Glow Tonic. It will be a disaster when I run out, and yet, I haven't replaced it yet. Why am I like this?"

OK, y'all, time to share what's on your beauty to-do lists. And, as usual, share literally anything beauty-related (or not at all beauty related, if you feel like talking about something else.)