Maya Angelou Dies at 86, Your Phone May Be Causing Neck Wrinkles, And A Nude Gisele Bundchen

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There is nothing more I would like to say to the late Maya Angelou than thank you for allowing me to be comfortable with myself, my skin, my body, my mind and my words. May she rest in peace as her work lives on. [New York Times]

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Now, onto what's happening around the Internet:

· Do you think it’s necessary to have a beauty team come to your home to make sure your hair and makeup is on point? Of course we do, but not when it’s going to cost us $90 to $850. Chile, bye. Yes, I’m hating on the Hamptons, who will have their own Uber Beauty team this summer, which consists of eight hair and makeup artists scooting around town to make personal house calls. [Bloomberg]

· Uh-oh, looks like all that late-night Instagram stalking is causing me to get a wrinkly neck. New studies show that looking down at your phone, tablet or laptop could be the cause of neck wrinkles. Who cares? It’s called adjusting your phone to eye level, which is much cheaper than this $2,000 Ultherapy they’re trying to sell me. [CNET]

· Speaking of wrinkles, if someone told you applying bandages to them would make them disappear, would you believe it? Take a look at these vintage beauty tips and tricks to see how your ancestors handled losing weight and fixing noses. A woman even invented a dimple machine. Where they do that at? [Huffington Post]

· I don’t know about you, but there’s no massage in the world that would make me put four pythons on my body... or is there? I don’t know what's going on in the Philippines, but no one should be doing spa treatments at the zoo. Nothing about that sounds safe, y’all. [TotalBeauty]

· Tina Fey shares her six beauty must-haves and they’re all under $30! I knew there was something other than her sense of humor that made me love her. [InStyle]

· Gisele Bundchen is having a moment. Not only did she just become the face of Chanel No. 5, but she is also the cover girl for the latest issue of French magazine, Lui. Yes, the same publication Rihanna posed nude for, which got her axed from Instagram after she uploaded the accompanying NSFW images. Unlike Rihanna, Gisele, who was shot by fashion darlings Mert and Marcus, took a different route for her shoot. Don’t worry, the images are S-ishFW. [DailyMail]

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