Gone Too Soon: 6 Beauty Babes Tell Us Which Products Run Out Way Too Quickly

If you're like me, you use a lot of product when it's new, only to ration it like you're lost at sea as it dwindles.
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November 25, 2015
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We’ve all been there: you find a product you love, use for a few weeks, and before you know it, the thing is gone in a flash!

Depending on pricing or how often you use it, this can really bite into your beauty budget. Some products just demand to be used generously, and with others, a little dab'll do ya. But when something runs out in short order, it can really mess with you, especially if there's no value-size available.

I asked five XO beauty babes (plus this babe right here) to share with us a product that they mourn on a regular basis. If they're like me, they use a lot of product when the item is new, only to ration it like you're lost at sea as it dwindles.


"I love micellar water for removing makeup because it's so much more effective than traditional makeup remover and doesn't leave behind a greasy residue. My only problem with micellar water is that it doesn't last long at all.

"I started out originally using Bioderma but switched to Simple because it's way cheaper and I couldn't afford to keep going through bottles of the fancy stuff. I can get through a bottle in a couple of weeks if I'm not stingy with it!"


"A few months ago, Urban Decay sent me their Sheer Revolution Lipstick in Ladyflower. I was stoked because these lipsticks are some of my favorites ever. They're super-moisturizing and make my lips feel soft and smooth; they're sheer but buildable.

"Ladyflower is the perfect soft pink. Worn with just one swipe, it's the ideal MLBB shade for me since my lips are naturally pretty pink. If I layer it, it's a much more dramatic, fun pop of pink.

"I've only had it a few months and I've almost gone through the whole tube, which I NEVER do with lipsticks. Lots of people ask me about the color. My mom even tried to steal it!"


"One of my favourite beauty writers, Sali Hughes, has been recommending this Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum for years. Now that I’ve tried it for myself, I understand her enthusiasm. This stuff soaks in instantly and rehydrates my skin without making it feel or look greasy (and trust me—everything makes my oily-but-dehydrated skin look greasy). It works for dry skin, too; and it layers under primer and makeup without pilling.

"This serum is easy to find in Canadian drugstores, nicely packaged in a heavy glass bottle, and cheaper than anything at Sephora. There’s only one drawback: one ounce of product just goes too quickly! After a couple weeks of use, my skin did look noticeably smoother and plumper—and the bottle looked noticeably emptier. At this rate, I'll be done will before Christmas."

Tynan (xoJane)

"The products that I always find myself running out of too quickly are face masks, specifically decongesting or exfoliating masks. I don't even use them that often—maybe once a week or once every two weeks—but every time I dip into them, I feel like they're disappearing quicker than anything else I use.

"My two favorites are the Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack or the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. Neither of them come in an especially small quantity, and I make sure I'm not using them by the fistful, but I always seem to fly through them. Maybe this is just because we're extra sensitive about using the products that we really love."

Courtney (xoJane)

"I'm bald.

"OK, not really.

"I have enough hair to clip in some extensions, but I still need to put in major time and dedication to reach Rapunzel status. This GROH Hair & Scalp Conditioning Treatment promises to promote hair growth by nurturing my head skin while also making my hair shiny and soft, and it delivers.

"Conditioner never lasts a long time (unlike shampoo—GTFO shampoo!), and I go through it like water. Maybe using up this treatment so quickly is a really just a sign of my lack of self-control. Whatever it is, I need more, and wish GROH sold bath-tub sized bottles."

Danielle (me!)

As soon as I popped open this classy blue tube of Vapour Organics Stratus Skin Perfector, it was love at first swipe. It's a lightly pigmented primer-type product that is silicone-free and full of fancy oils, frankincense and soft golden shimmer that flatters your skin tone. I love to wear it under more intense makeup or on its own with a light dusting of powder on good skin days.

This is my favorite makeup product of the past few months, since it cocktails so well. The sad part is that it’s nearly gone after about 30 light uses, making its luxury price tag that much harder to bear. I bet I can DIY something 70% as good, but why fix what isn’t broken?

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  • How do you decide it’s time to let go?
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