5 Life-Simplifying Products Everyone in the World Should Know About

Like this cleanser that doesn't require water. (You read that right.)

Though many of us often complain about mundane problems and minor annoyances, the fact of the matter is that we live in a world of convenience. I mean, I'm still waiting for the day when cars can drive themselves (hey, we're close!), but looking around I can't help but feel pretty darn #blessed.

This post goes out to all you inventive companies coming up with products that make my life easier. ::cat heart eye emoji:::

Londontown Kur Instant Smudge Fix, $14

Out of all the first-world problems out there, smudging a recently applied manicure has to rank in the top 25 percent. Without fail, it prompts a disproportionately loud fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu, but, seriously, few things are more annoying than having to start the process all over again.

I was somewhat skeptical of Londontown's Instant Smudge Fix, but it works for tiny nicks and even those weird smudges that happen when you're like 80% dry. If it's a bigger smudge or nick, apply a coat of color and then the smudge fix. Bam!

Yuni No-Rinse Body Cleansing Foam, $19

OK, if anything assures me that we're truly living in the future it's this waterless body cleanser by Yuni. Let me repeat that: this is a cleanser that does not require water.

At first I was like, "Well maybe that's gross," but then I thought about it and it's not.

It's not for shower haters, but is instead for people who prefer to be clean but may not have access to, or time for, a proper shower. For example, use it post-gym, while camping, at festivals, or on mornings your alarm didn't go off in time.

It smells light and clean, and it actually does work to nix sweat and dirt without leaving residue.

Ms. Dress Up Zipper Pull, $29.95

Though I don't mind asking someone to "zip me up the rest of the way," there's not always someone there to help with the task. This is true when getting ready for, say, a date, or when you're in the dressing room trying on dress after dress. The awkward, sweat-inducing reach-around-and-yank-while-you-wiggle-and-swear is somewhat tolerable the first couple times, but you don't have to subject yourself to such torture, darling.

To use this Zipper Pullwhich doubles as a necklace — hook it onto your dress zipper and then put the dress on. Yank it upward until you're zipped and then do the opposite when you're ready to take it off.

Lux Puff, $9.99

Why live the plebeian life of choosing either a bath pouf or a washcloth when you could have a two-fer-one?

It may look like an extraterrestrial jellyfish, but rub that ultra soft microfiber across your derriere and then flip it inside out to scrub yourself down and you won't care.

Lux Puff is a space saver in the shower since you eliminate the need for multiple products, and it's easy to travel with since it folds into itself (I hate traveling with poufs, but this one isn't annoying). Also, it's infused with polygiene silver salt, which is a natural anti-bacterial.

DHC Olive Virgin Oil Swabs, $6

OMG these DHC swabs are so good! They cost $6 for 50, which is a fair price, and they are more useful than you can imagine.

The swabs aren't billowy, but are instead thin and hard, making them ideal to clean up the tiniest makeup mishaps. For example, I use them to sweep up eye shadow fallout, fix a haywire cat eye, or to wipe away mascara from under my eyes or on my lid. They're doused just enough to be effective, but don't leave oily residue. I'm never going without these again.

  • What life-simplifying products do you swear by?
  • Have you tried any of the above?